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Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf Course
"An Exclusive & Luxurious Golf Experience"

Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf Course

The Apes Hill Club Barbados golf course is part of the exclusive Apes Hill Club located in the parish of St. James, just on the outskirts of the popular town of Holetown.

The Apes Hill Club is the pinnacle of luxury and high-end living for visitors to Barbados who have the option of renting and own property here. This exclusive golf and polo community in Barbados is managed by the prominent Wentworth Club in England.

Apes Hill Barbados Golf CourseThis ensures that you are guaranteed one of the best Caribbean living and golfing experiences the island has to offer.

This particular Barbados golf course is a relatively new addition to the Apes Hill Club, opening on the 5th of December 2009, and is set to attract many seasoned players keen for a spectacular golfing challenge.

The course makes use of all of the natural features of former sugar plantation land and is one of the most picturesque golf courses in Barbados.

The course features beautiful lakes, woodland ravines, luscious pasture-land, coralstone quarries and some of the greenest fairways that are to be found on this Caribbean island.

With the the golf course set many metres above sea level, the course offers attractive panoramic views of Barbados and the surrounding crystal blue Caribbean sea.

The Apes Hill Club Barbados golf course was designed by two professionals from the Landmark Land Company, notably Chris Cole and Jeff Potts, who have both been responsible for several excellent golf course designs that can be found around the world.

The course designers have ensured that the grass that has been used is Seashore Paspalum, which is tolerant to both sea and salt water, making it very economically friendly (not to mention a fabulous surface to tee off from). It is the only golf course in Barbados to use a specialised type of grass on its fairways.


The Golf Holes

Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf Course Hole 18The golf course covers an area of 7,150 yards and has 18 holes.

There are four tees which make The Apes Hill Club Barbados golf course accessible for players of varying degrees of ability.

The majority of the holes on the course allow for ample landing areas but there is still the challenge of tackling the wind that can whip across the open fairways.

Advanced players will find a challenge awaits them with several holes changing the elevation of play in a heartbeat, bodies of water that must be cleared and ravines to be avoided. This all adds to the drama and excitement of this golf course.

Golf Hole FlagHole No. Par Distance
Golf Hole FlagHole #1 5 530
Golf Hole FlagHole #2 3 190
Golf Hole FlagHole #3 4 395
Golf Hole FlagHole #4 4 430
Golf Hole FlagHole #5 3 185
Golf Hole FlagHole #6 5 645
Golf Hole FlagHole #7 4 425
Golf Hole FlagHole #8 3 195
Golf Hole FlagHole #9 5 595
OUT 36 3590
Golf Hole FlagHole #10 5 530
Golf Hole FlagHole #11 4 365
Golf Hole FlagHole #12 3 225
Golf Hole FlagHole #13 4 435
Golf Hole FlagHole #14 4 365
Golf Hole FlagHole #15 5 595
Golf Hole FlagHole #16 3 200
Golf Hole FlagHole #17 4 345
Golf Hole FlagHole #18 4 500
IN 36 3560
Total 72 7150
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The Clubhouse and Golf Facilities

The Clubhouse at Apes Hill Club is due to be built on-site on a hilltop overlooking the golf course and will be an impressive 17,000 square feet. Once opened, The Clubhouse will have facilities such as locker rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a lounge and a pro golf shop.

As well as The Clubhouse, there are plans to erect a spa, several tennis courts, a fitness centre, a swimming pool and a private beach club for exclusive use by property owners, villa renters and members of The Apes Hill Club.

Currently players have access to a pro golf shop, changing rooms and other facilities that have been temporarily set up in the Spring House/Sales and Administration Building.

Golf lessons are also on offer at The Apes Hill Club for those wishing to improve their golf game.


Golf Rates And Tee Times

The Apes Hill Club Barbados golf course is open to members of the golf club and their invited guests only and membership is offered exclusively to Apes Hill Club property owners.

Properties in this exclusive luxury community run anywhere from USD $1,250,000 upwards of USD $2,000,000.

Due to this fact, there are no partner hotels offering special golf deals or packages for visitors to the island to allow them to play on the course. However property sales at Apes Hill Club Barbados are open to foreigners.

The golf course opens at 7:00 am every morning and there is also a practice range that opens at the same time. To ensure that players get a great feeling of privacy and plenty of time to fully enjoy their round of Barbados golf, groups are sent out to tee off every half hour or every hour.


Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf Course Quick Facts

• Location: St.James, Barbados

• No. of Yards: 7,150 yard

• No. of Golf Holes: 18

• Par: 72

• Golf Operation Hours: Open daily from 7:00 am

• Access: Access restricted to property owners with a golf membership

• Green Fee: Golf membership with The Apes Hill Club

• Official Website:

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