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Atlantis Submarine Barbados
"Explore Our Underwater Sea World"

Atlantis Submarine Barbados LogoAtlantis Submarine Barbados is a tour of our Caribbean underwater world. Barbados is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which are home to some of the most colourful and exotic sea life the Caribbean has to offer.

Many visitors who aren’t as water savvy but still want a taste of the ocean tend to choose this Barbados tourist attraction.

Departing from the Shallow Harbour in Bridgetown, visitors are taken on a 10 minute boat ride (aboard “The Ocean Quest”) out to sea where they will watch the submarine surface.

This Barbados submarine trip is aboard a 65 foot long, 80 ton Atlantis submarine which takes you to depths of 150 feet below sea level.

This submarine can hold a maximum of 48 passengers with a crew of 3.

Atlantis Submarine in Barbados ExteriorOnce aboard this fully air conditioned submarine, each passenger has an individual 2 foot diameter viewport as they dive to great depths for a 45 minute fully narrated underwater adventure.

If you are looking for a Barbados ocean tour without getting wet then jump aboard the Atlantis submarine in Barbados!

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Atlantis Submarine Quick Facts:

Vacation in Barbados

Tour Highlights:

Atlantis Submarine Barbados• View the beautiful caribbean coral reefs, sea sponges and colourful sea life at a depth of 55 feet

• View a sunken shipwreck at a depth of 150 feet

• Complimentary drinks available

When: Tuesday – Saturday

First Tour: 9:00 am

Last Tour: 2:00 pm

Barbados Submarine TripDeparture Times: Barbados submarine tours start on the hour departing from the Shallow Harbour in Bridgetown

Total Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Total Dive Time: 45 minutes

Pickup: Hotel pickup available

Rate: $92 USD per Adult / $47 USD per Child

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