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Baby Gear Hire Barbados
"Baby Equipment Rentals in Barbados"

Baby Gear Hire BarbadosIt can be a huge hassle to remember to pack every little piece of baby equipment and airport restrictions are making it more and more difficult to take young children on holiday.

It is nice to escape the babies for a little while in order to spend some good quality time with your friends or loved ones while on vacation.

Baby Gear Hire, a Barbados baby equipment rental service in Barbados, was created for this very purpose and will cater for all of your baby related needs whilst you enjoy your vacation in Barbados.


Quality and Safety

Baby Gear Hire offers very high quality baby products and services which measure up in terms of convenience for you.

All products are regularly inspected after every single use to ensure they meet their strict safety expectations. Baby Gear Hire only accepts new equipment that passes its standards and therefore doesn't buy second hand baby equipment, or accept donations from other parents.

All product recall lists are monitored as well in order to ensure that no product will ever pose a potential threat to either babies or their guardians. Baby Gear Hire follows the advice of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in addition to its other safety contemplations.

Another part of safety is hygiene and Baby Gear Hire spends time in this area as well. All baby products are kept clean using only environmentally friendly and child safe cleaning products.

They also have a policy of using recognised brands to ensure their quality is not compromised at any point. These brands include Graco, Delta-Luv, Evenflo, Fisher-Price, Safety 1st, First Years, Carters, Koala Baby, Chicco, Especially for Babies, Munchkin, Tiny Love, Boppy, Cosco, Avent, Bumbo, MotherCare and more.


Products and Services

As many parents are aware, babies have constant needs throughout the day and everything has to be well planned out in advance. Thankfully Baby Gear Hire have all areas covered and there is a wide range of products and service for you to choose from.

Baby bath and bed equipment at Baby Gear Hire can help you to make the most of each evening spent with your child in Barbados. You can find baby bath sets and changing mats for those baby hygiene needs before you put your little one to bed. For bed time there are many facilities to choose from such as the crib sets, pack and play sets and also many safety features such as guard rails.

When feeding your baby, you are spoilt for choice with high chairs, booster seats, sterilizers and bottle warmers.

If you're like your children and don't like sitting still for too long then the outdoors aspect of travelling with your baby is made simple by Baby Gear Hire.

There are many different stroller facilities such as the stroller umbrella, single stroller and tandem stroller. If you are travelling by car then you will find a five point child harness as well as booster seats; both the full back and backless versions.

It is only natural for you to worry about the safety of your child if you are leaving them unattended or just turning your back for a second. To help appease your concerns, you can hire baby gates and monitors with a variety of features.

Play time is also covered including both indoor and outdoor requirements with plenty of beach toys to help keep the youngsters entertained when they seem disinterested by the stunning Caribbean views. There are inflatable toys for the pool and at the beach as well as play mats or even a five in one gym!

As handy as all of this is, perhaps you may fancy having your little one cared for whilst you enjoy an evening without them. For this, there is even a babysitting service comprising of experienced babysitters allowing you to fully utilise your time in Barbados.


Have It All Awaiting Your Arrival

Airports may be fussy on the subject and thus you can let somebody else take care of all such needs on your behalf, ready for your arrival. Baby Gear Hire's services can all be arranged for you in advance including all special baby foods and nappy supplies.

This can all be supplied straight to your accommodation upon your arrival to the island if you so desire and special requests can be made if you have more specific needs for your baby or toddler. There really is nothing else you could ask for as a travelling parent.


Book Your Baby Equipment Rentals With Baby Gear Hire

For more details about Baby Gear Hire or to book their services you can contact them directly using the form below. If you are requesting crib and toddler bed deliveries please include whether or not the crib needs to be set-up in a certain location (Master bedroom, Guest bedroom, etc) and the crib height setting (High, Middle, Low).

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Baby Gear Hire

Baby Gear Hire is a full service baby and toddler rental agency offering high quality products and services to the travelling parent.