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Bajan Macaroni Pie and Fried Flying Fish
"a.ka. Pie ad Fish"

Bajan Macaroni Pie is our version of macaroni and cheese but is a million times better than any you have had before. It is commonly referred to as “Pie” by Bajans.

It is usually made with macaroni, milk, eggs, onions, ketchup, Barbados seasoning, Bajan hot sauce and lots of grated cheddar cheese. This is placed in a baking dish and topped with lots more cheese! The dish is baked till the cheese melts and turns slightly brown.

What are flying fish?

Vacation in Barbados

The true scientific name of Fying Fish is Cheilopogon Melanurus. These Barbados fish love warm tropical water and are called Flying Fish because of their large pectoral fins which allow them to glide across the surface of the ocean.

Barbados flying fish are quite amazing as they can glide as far as 50 metres at speeds as high as 60 km/h! It is very common to see them in flight during one of the Barbados sea turtle trips .

These flying fish are found on many Barbados coins as well as the Barbados coat of arms .

Flying fish are caught by Bajan fishermen using large fishnets. Their bones are removed and they are filleted.

Flying fish are then seasoned with Barbados seasoning and lime, battered and pan fried.

Where is the best place for a visitor to try macaroni pie and flying fish in Barbados?

Vacation in Barbados

Bajan Macaroni Pie and Flying Fish is the most common Barbados food a visitor can try since it is sold at many locations throughout the island. This is due to the fact that it is a common “lunch break” meal for Bajan workers.

It is sold at almost every food court and Supermarket Deli islandwide and it therefore shouldn’t be a problem to find.

However the best place to try Macaroni Pie & Flying Fish while enjoying Barbados culture is at the Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday Night.

The great thing about the Fish Fry is not only do you have the option of substituting Flying Fish for a wide variety of other Caribbean fish (e.g Blue Marlin, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi) but you can also try many other kinds of Barbados food.

Another great place to get this meal is in St.Lawrence Gap on a Thursday Night. Just outside of the bars and nightclubs along this strip there are numerous street vendors frying up meals for hungry partiers. So after enjoying some great Barbados nightlife you can grab some pie and fish from a vendor of your choice.

If you just want to try this dish for lunch when you are on your way home from the beach the best place is from a deli at a supermarket. There is one in almost every major supermarket.

If you are staying along the south coast in the Oistins, Christ Church area (near Miami Beach), there is a deli in the Supercentre Supermarket in the Southern Plaza strip mall.

If you are further along the south coast in the Worthing or Hastings, Christ Church area (near Accra / Rockley Beach) there is also a Supercentre Supermarket in this region.

If you are staying on the west coast there is a Supercentre Supermarket in Sunset Crest, St.James.

How much does Bajan macaroni pie and flying fish cost?

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A single portion of macaroni pie and two fillets of fried flying fish will generally cost from $6 USD to $15USD ($12BDS - $30BDS) depending on where you buy it.

The supermarket delis tend to be the cheapest while the Oistins Fish Fry and St.Lawrence Gap are a bit more expensive due to location and atmosphere.

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