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 What are Barbados Airport Transfers?

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Traveling can be quite tiring and time consuming.  The last thing many visitors want to do is be stuck stranded at the airport trying to organize a ride to their hotel.

Thats where airport transfers come in handy.

Airport transfers will be waiting for you outside the arrivals terminal of the airport in Barbados to take you to your Barbados hotel or accommodation.  

Most Barbados airport transfers are large taxi vans or minibuses holding up to 8 passengers but could also be an economy or luxury airport taxi.

What your airport transfer is depends solely on how large the group is, how much luggage you have with you and how much you are willing to pay.

Who needs a Barbados Airport Transfer?

Vacation in Barbados
An airport transfer is suitable for any and everyone....However I personally find that it is most helpful for traveling families and large groups.

Groups of more than 3

If you are traveling in a group of 4 or more you will most likely have more luggage with you than a standard size airport taxi can hold comfortably. In the vehicle there will be....the driver, 1 of you in the front and 3 of you in the back!

This will result in your group having to be split between 2 Barbados airport taxis to get you to your accommodation and you know what that will mean.......more money!  

If you take an airport transfer van you will be able to travel together for less.

Traveling Families

Travelers taking a Barbados family vacation usually have children and other family members, such as grand parents, with them. An airport transfer will have a van waiting outside the airport for your family to quickly hop into and off to your Barbados hotel you will go.

Traveling Surfers and Sports Teams

Airport transfers are also great if you are traveling with large items such as sporting equipment.  

Surfboards are a perfect example of this since many Barbados travelers are surfers and surfboards are more difficult to fit into a car than a large van / minibus.  Surfboards are also very fragile and after worrying so much about your board making it safely to Barbados on the airplane you would hate for it to be damaged trying to cram it into an airport taxi cab.

If you are organizing a Barbados trip with a sports team for a sporting event and will therefore have a large amount of luggage and large sports equipement, it is best to hire an airport transfer van or minibus.  The entire team can board the van with their bags fitting snuggly in the large trunk.

When can I book a Barbados Airport Transfer?

Vacation in Barbados
You can book an airport transfer from Grantley Adams International Airport to any Barbados hotel on any given day.

However please note that some companies do not offer airport transfers on certain holidays of the year such as Christmas and New Years Day.  So if you are traveling on a Barbados holiday be sure to confirm with your transfer company that your arrival and departure dates are available.

How much do Barbados Airport Transfers cost?

Vacation in Barbados

How many of you are there?

The price of your airport transfer from Grantley Adams International Airport to your Barbados accommodation is mostly dependent on the size or number of travelers that need to be carried to the hotel you are staying at. A family of five will only need 1 van while a team of ten soccer players will need 2.

Which coast is your Barbados hotel located on?

Another factor that will affect how much an airport transfer will cost you is which Barbados hotel you have choosen to stay at.  The further away your hotel is from the south coast of the island the more costly your transfer will be.

The airport in Barbados is located on the south coast of the island and it will therefore be cheaper to transfer you from the airport to your hotel if you are staying along the South Coast.  South Coast hotels are usually only about 15 minutes or less driving time from the Barbados airport.

If you are staying at a West Coast Barbados hotel it will cost you a bit more since it might take up to 45 minutes to transfer you to your hotel.

If your hotel is located on the East Coast of the island or in a parish further north than St.James (i.e St. Peter and  St.Lucy) your transfer will be the most expensive.

Which Barbados Airport Transfers Company are you going to book through?

As with all services the company you choose will affect how much you pay for your Barbados airport transfer.  Below are a few I recommend.

Recommended Barbados Airport Transfer Services

Vacation in Barbados

Glory Tours

Barbados Airport Transfers by Glory ToursGlory Tours is a Barbados family run airport transfers and tours service that was started in 2001.  They offer roundtrip airport transfers which means they will pick you up on your arrival to Barbados as well as take you from your hotel back to the airport when your vacation has come to an end.

Learn more about Glory Tours Barbados Airport Transfers 


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