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Barbados Beach Vacation
"Fun in the Caribbean Sun"

During a Barbados beach vacation there are no meetings to attend, emails to respond to or deadlines to meet.

This is a time for you to just get away from your regular life and focus on you!

This is the reason why a beach vacation is the most common type of Barbados vacations visitors to the island choose. Who doesn't want to kick back and relax on a nice white sandy beach in the warm Caribbean sun?

Let's Start Planning Your Barbados Beach Vacation..

Where can I enjoy a 'Platinum' west coast beach vacation?

Where are some of the best beaches and hotels to enjoy a Barbados beach vacation on the island's south coast?

When should I travel to Barbados for a beach vacation?

What should I pack for my beach vacation?

In order to start planning your Barbados beach vacation you need to choose one of the many Barbados beaches and Barbados beach hotels to stay at.

But how do you decide which one?  

Well the most important factor in this decision is the beach that the hotel is located on.  There is no point booking a vacation at a beach hotel on the island if it isn't located on a nice beach.

Here are some of the best beaches in Barbados with great beach hotels located on them.....

Where Can I Enjoy A 'Platinum' West Coast Barbados Beach Vacation?

For the perfect Barbados beach vacation staying at a Barbados beach hotel on the island's west coast would be ideal.  This entire stretch of coastline is blessed with white sand beaches facing the calm Caribbean sea.

One of the nicest beaches on this coast is Sandy Lane Beach. This is a 1000-foot, crescent shaped bay with the elegant Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados set upon its shores.  

Sandy Lane Beach in BarbadosSandy Lane Barbados Beach Hotel
This beach and its luxury Barbados beach hotel have become the retreat of choice for the island's wealthiest visitors.

Another great beach to vacation on the west coast of the island is Paynes Bay. This is a large 750-foot white sandy bay located just south of Sandy Lane.

This bay is very safe for swimming and spending your Barbados beach vacation here will allow you to alternate between both of this bay and the bay at Sandy Lane.

There are two Barbados beach hotels that you can stay along Paynes Bay. This hotels are both located at the southern end of the Bay. The first is an intimate 4 star, luxury hotel called Treasure Beach Hotel.

Paynes Bay Barbados at Treasure Beach HotelBeach Vacation at Treasure Beach Hotel Barbados
Treasure Beach Hotel is one of the few boutique Barbados hotel on the island's west coast, with only 35 guest rooms.  This makes it perfect for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic beach vacation.

The second hotel is called Tamarind Cove. This beach hotel is also on Paynes Bay right next to Treasure Bach Hotel.  This Mediterranean-style beach hotel is much larger than Treasure Beach Hotel with 110 guest rooms.

Barbados Beach Vacation at Paynes BayTamarind Cove Barbados Beach Hotel
This is therefore a more lively hotel than Treasure Beach and is great for traveling families.Every guest room at Tamarind Cove also has its own private blacony or patio many of which have an oceanfront view.

This are just 3 of the many Barbados beach hotels along this coast. Here is a list of a few more you could consider staying at..

Vacation in Barbados

Where Are Some Of The Best Beaches And Hotels To Enjoy A Barbados Beach Vacation On The Island's South Coast?...

If you are going to be staying on the south coast of the island then Accra Beach Barbados Hotel & Spa or The Hilton Hotel Barbados are two great choices.

Both of these Barbados beach hotels are located on the two nicest beaches on the island's south coast.  

Accra Beach is an amazing white sandy beach.  This beach is also commonly called Rockley Beach as it is located in the Rockley, Christ Church area.
Beach Vacation at Accra Beach Barbados Accra Beach Hotel Barbados

The beach hotel located on this beach is called Accra Beach Barbados Hotel & Spa and is a family friendly hotel.  The great thing about this Barbados beach and hotel is that they have the best location on the island's south coast.  They are surrounded by great shopping, restaurants and are close to nightlife.  These include The Quayside Shopping Centre, Just Grillin' Open Air Grill and Bar and St.Lawrence Gap.

For those of you interested in experiencing luxury on a south coast beach, The Hilton Barbados Beach Hotel is a recent addition to the Hilton's collection of world reknonwn resorts.  

Beach Vacation at Needhams Point Beach BarbadosThe Hilton Barbados Luxury Beach Hotel

This 5-star Barbados beach hotel is located on the beach at Needham's Point. This is a beautiful peninsula at the south western corner of the island that is divided into two beautiful sand coves.  

This beach and hotel are within walking distance to the capital of the island, Bridgetown putting shopping as well as some other attractions in close proximity. These attractions include The Garrison Savannah Horse Racing Track and Harbour Lights Nightclub.

The third south coast beach that must be mentioned is The Crane Beach in Barbados.  This Barbados beach has been rated as one of the ten best beaches in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Barbados Beach Vacation at Crane BeachThe Crane Barbados Beach Hotel
If you are looking for a lavish beach vacation in Barbados the hotel located at this beach is extremely elegant.  

The Crane Barbados Resort is 5 star luxury Barbados beach resort located atop a cliff on the south-eastern coast of Barbados. This cliff overlooks The Crane beach with access to this beach from the hotel being provided by a beautiful staircase down the cliff face.

Here are some other Barbados beach hotels along the south coast of Barbados.....

Vacation in Barbados

When should I travel to Barbados for a beach vacation?

If you wish to experience a beach vacation in Barbados the weather here is always favourable since the temperature in Barbados pretty much never changes. You can therefore enjoy a Barbados beach vacation at anytime throughout the year.  

Regardless, the ideal time to visit the island's beaches would be during the northern winter months of December to March.  This way you will not only appreciate your vacation even more  but your friends back home will also be very, very jealous of you!

Another great thing about traveling during this time of year is that the chance of rainfall is at its lowest.  When you are taking a Barbados beach vacation you want there to be plenty of sunshine and no rain!  

The reason for this low rainfall is that Barbados has two seasons, the wet season and the dry season.  The dry season occurs during the winter months of November to May.  It is during this time of year that Barbados receives the least amount of rain and plenty of sunshine.

This is exactly what you want when you are taking a beach vacation in the Caribbean and what perfect timing! You can put away your winter jacket and start packing your swimsuit.

However, not everyone travels to Barbados just to relax and lay on the beach all day.  Many visitors to the island's beaches also come to experience the surfing in Barbados. So if you are a surfer you will want to visit Barbados during our surf season.  

When is the surf season in Barbados?

Well The great thing about Barbados is that we also get the best surf during the winter months, receiving consistent swells from November to March. Just another case of perfect timing!
Vacation in Barbados

What should I pack for my Barbados Beach vacation?

When packing for a beach vacation in Barbados there are a number of items you should always remember to bring.


Barbados Beach Vacation SunblockSunblock is extremely important!  

Here in Barbados we love the feeling of the warm Caribbean sun and many of us love to go tanning on the beach.  

But you must remember that the sun produces ultra violet rays that can be harmful to your skin by long periods of exposure.  The best way to help reduce these effects is through the use of sunblock or sunscreen.  

Sunblock is available at various levels of SPF or Sun Protection Factor. You should pack sunblock with a SPF of at least 30!  This will cause it to take 30 times longer for your skin to turn red or develop a sunburn. This is adequate protection for tanning in Barbados.

You must also ensure that the sunblock is waterproof since you don't want it to washoff when you go into the sea.

 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Your Barbados Beach VacationEven though you will be using sunblock to protect your skin it is almost impossible to completely prevent sunburn.

Aloe Vera generally comes in two types for beach use.  These are After Sun Lotions or After Sun Gels.

This stuff works wonders at relieving skin pain, drying and peeling associated with sunburns.  Just rub it on your skin every day after going to the beach.


Sunglasses for your Barbados Beach VacationYour skin is not the only thing affected by the ultra violet rays of the sun! It is equally important to protect your eyes from the same rays.  

You are going to want to pack sunglasses with a good amount of UV protection.  Sunglasses that block at least 99 percent of UVB rays and 95 percent of UVA rays will offer great protection.

During your Barbados beach vacation you will be spending much of your time laying on the sandy beach staring out at the sea. Both the sea and the white sand produce a large amount of glare from the sun.

In order to protect your eyes from this glare you will also want to ensure that your sunglasses have polarized lenses.

However when purchasing sunglass be aware of the fact that polarized lenses only help reduce glare and do not protect against UV rays.

Make sure your sunglasses do both!

Beach Hat

Beach HatMake sure to pack a hat! This is a great way to keep the sun off your face and will prevent you from having rosey-red sunburnt cheeks!

A wide brimmed beach hat does the job best and are available in varying styles.


Swimsuit for your Barbados Beach VacationI know you won't forget to pack this item!  

If you also plan on surfing during your Barbados beach vacation it is a good idea to pack some surf shorts.  You will want a pair that fit you tight enough to stay on when the waves hit you.  

This is especially important for female surfers.

Beach Sandals

Beach TowelsNothing is worse than getting sand in your nice sneakers.  It is tough stuff to get that stuff out!  

You should bring some loose fitting, waterproof beach sandals that you can easily wash off at the end of the day.  Personally I find Crocs are perfect.

If you are going to be surfing, a pair of surf booties will help protect your feet from some of the sharp reef that you may have to walk over at some of the surf breaks.

Books and Magazines

Book for your Barbados Beach VacationA Barbados beach vacation is a perfect opportunity to catch up on those novels you have been trying to finish but work has gotten in the way.  

A Barbados beach vacation is meant for stress-free relaxation.....enjoy it.

Beach Towels

Beach TowelRemember to bring some beach towels to lay on the sand.  You will use these towels for tanning as well as drying yourself off.  

You will want to keep your beach towels separate from your bath towels since they will collect a bit of sand and will have soaked up some salt water in them.

Beach towels come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs.  This is great if you have kids because you can get them a beach towel of their favourite Disney or cartoon character for the trip.

Beach Bag

Barbados Beach BagLast but not least, you are going to need a beach bag to hold all of your beach gear.  

The best beach bags are waterproof and made of mesh.  This ensures that your things stay dry and free of sand.

 It is also a good idea to have a beach bag with many separate pockets to separate your sunglasses, sunblock and books from your wet beach towel and swimsuit.

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