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Best Barbados Beaches
"Which Beaches Should I Visit While in Barbados?"

 Barbados beaches are some of the most amazing white, sandy beaches in the Caribbean.

The most well-known and best beaches in Barbados are situated along the South and West coast of the island facing the calm Caribbean Sea. These coasts are very popular with tourists and local sea bathers and are where you will likely be spending your Barbados beach vacation .

Barbados Brownes Beach


Barbados Brandons Beach

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The North and East coasts, facing the rougher Atlantic Ocean, are more dangerous and swimming at these beaches is highly discouraged. The east coast is very popular with surfers

Barbados North Point


Barbados Bathsheba

Beaches You Should Visit During Your Barbados Vacation

Vacation in Barbados

There are over 30 amazing beaches worth visiting and I truly wish you could visit them all during your stay....However I am sure time will not permit so I have listed what I consider to be the best beaches in Barbados.

Accra Beach

Barbados Accra Beach Accra beach (also known as Rockley Beach) is by far the nicest and most popular beach on the south coast of the island and is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike.

Its popularity is due to its stunning white sand and gentle yet playful waves....a beach the entire family can enjoy.

Miami Beach

Barbados Miami Beach If you are looking for a beach with a peaceful atmosphere away from the busier towns and luxury hotels then Miami Beach is the beach for you.

This is my personal favourite and I highly recommend spending most of your days relaxing here.

Sandy Lane Beach

Barbados Sandy Lane Beach This is the most famous beach on the island. Located along the calm west coast this magnificent crescent-shaped bay is home to the luxurious Sandy Lane Hotel.

So don’t be surprised if you spot the likes of Tiger Woods, Jennifer Aniston or our own Rihanna while taking a sunset stroll.

Crane Beach

The Crane Barbados BeachThe Crane Beach in Barbados is rated as one of the Top 10 beaches in the world.  It is located on the south east corner of the island and sits just below a cliff atop which the Crane Barbados Luxury Hotel sits.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados and is a great beach for family picnics.

However I recommend staying at The Crane Hotel to enjoy this Barbados beach as it is quite a distance from other popular Barbados vacation spots, along the south and west coast of the island.

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