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Barbados Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
"Charming Service and Warm Hospitality"

Intimate Barbados bed and breakfast properties offer a whole new level of Caribbean holiday experience.  This type of Barbados accommodation is very unique from the exclusive 5 star properties on the ‘Platinum Coast’, and more affordable, yet still very comfortable hotels on the south coast.

Barbados bed and breakfast guest houses often allow you to see a little more deeply into the culture of this fascinating island. Although there would never be any denying the fact that the majority of the hotels in Barbados are appointed to the highest possible standard, bed & breakfast properties are that little bit more unique.

There would appear to be more attention to detail in ensuring that you experience the very best of Bajan traditions and authentic cuisine. Moreover, a bed and breakfast in Barbados tends to be located in a less commercialised area really allowing guests to get away from it all and see Barbados from a totally different perspective.

The Benefits Of Staying In A Barbados Bed and Breakfast

From the moment you wake in the morning, your day at a bed and breakfast in Barbados will start with a full Bajan style gourmet breakfast. You will immediately notice the fact that the guest house innkeepers will seem even more eager to please and nothing will ever be too much trouble.

If you have become accustomed to staying in the larger hotels, this level of friendliness can take some getting used to. But, it’s nice to finally work out that this care is all definitely genuine.

Some of the Barbados bed and breakfasts have been established in some very historic locations on the island. For example one, which I will mention in a moment, has actually made use of an old plantation house and the amount of Bajan history that can be learned from staying in these types of accommodations is worth every last cent that you will pay for the privilege.

To be completely honest with you, no other accommodation type can ever begin to compete with the exceptional level of authenticity and charm that a bed and breakfast in Barbados has to offer. They really do reflect some of Barbados’ best kept secrets.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best known Barbados bed and breakfast inns and guest houses and prove this assertion.

Sweetfield Manor Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn

Sweetfield Manor Historic Bed and BreakfastThe bed and breakfast in Barbados that I described above, is this exact property. Sweetfield Manor is a taste of Bajan history personified.

It is set amidst a typical Bajan plantation, which in itself, portrays an industry that has been of so much importance to this tiny Caribbean island through the centuries.

No expense and attention to detail has been spared in trying to ensure that all guests to this unique establishment experience a completely memorable stay.

The owners, George and Anni Clarke, have several claims to Bajan history; even a distant acquaintance with none other than ‘Blackbeard The Pirate’ himself. The amount of knowledge these owners are able to impart is staggering and there is very little they will not be able to tell you about the entire island.

Your stay here will include a full gourmet breakfast and you will able to take advantage of some stunning facilities; including a pool and spa that is set within some lush and beautiful, typically Caribbean vegetation. There is also an observation deck for you to watch and enjoy the mischievous antics of the infamous green monkeys.

The complex has just 7 guest rooms and this enables the owners and staff to provide a high level of service to all of their guests.

Sea-U Guest House Barbados

Sea U Guest House BarbadosSet on the east coast of Barbados, in Bathsheba, this is one totally special Barbados bed and breakfast establishment.

Not only are you able to enjoy one of the quieter coasts of the island, you’re also completely able to put any troubles to one side and lose yourself in unadulterated relaxation.

Sea U guest house is set on top of a hill and this offers breathtaking views over the Atlantic surf. The guest house’s gardens are purposefully designed for rest and

 relaxation, while at the same time losing yourself in the stunning views. You may be able to catch a glimpse of humming birds, green monkeys and other Bajan wildlife too.

Every morning you will enjoy a complimentary fresh breakfast, including homemade banana and coconut bread which this property prides itself on.

If you feel that you just caught a sneak preview of heaven, in the descriptions above, do something about it?

There is nothing stopping you from spending a relaxing stay at either of these Barbados bed and breakfast properties, or any other on the island for that matter.

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