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"Should I Rent A Car While in Barbados?"

To Rent A Car in Barbados or Not......

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In Barbados cheap car rentals can be found….but do you really need to rent a car while you are here?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by visitors……Should I rent a car and how much will it set me back?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is “maybe”.

Barbados Car Rental Mini MokeEveryone knows how pricey a vacation can be but you still want to see as much of the island as possible.

If you are staying in one of the many resorts along the south or west coast then you may not need to rent a car.

Most necessities, such as the beach, supermarket and bank, will be within walking distance.

But if you are the adventurous type and want to explore the entire island then I personally recommend renting a car as much value will come of it.

Many attractions, like Harrison’s Cave, are located in the central and northern parts of the island and having a car will make visiting these attractions a breeze.

Which Type Of Vehicle Should I Rent?

Vacation in Barbados

There are many different types of cars you can rent ranging from an automatic moke to a fully loaded van and will cost you anywhere from $32USD to $39USD a day. Barbados Car Rental Jimny Jeep

Be aware that the price per day drops the longer you rent the car for and that during the winter season Barbados car rental rates are higher.

Automatic mokes are the cheapest way to go and most tourists choose these.

However I recommend renting a soft top jeep. These jeeps are a little pricier than the automatic mokes but your travels will not only be safer but also smoother.

This will also allow you to explore some of the bumpier roads and trails you may encounter.

A visitor’s driving permit is required and only cost $5 USD. This is usually delivered with the car.

Check Current Barbados Cheap Car Rentals Rates

Vacation in Barbados

It is best to book your car online before you arrive to the island. There are many benefits to this including rates cheaper than booking directly through local Barbados rental car companies, as well as the convenience of having a car awaiting your arrival at the airport.

You can use the search engine below to check the current Barbados car rental rates:

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