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Barbados Duty Free Shopping
"Save With Tax Free Shopping in Barbados"

Barbados Duty Free ShoppingWhile you are on vacation in Barbados why not save by enjoying some Barbados duty free shopping.  If you didn't know the term “Duty Free” it means that the price you are charged for an item is free of import tax, or tax free, thus making the cost significantly lower than it would otherwise be.

These import tax free prices are only available to visitors to Barbados, and not to locals, because the products you purchase while shopping in Barbados are not going to remain in the country.

Duty free shopping in Barbados is an absolute pleasure, with a tremendous variety of products available at prices anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than in Europe and North America.  Bajan sales staff are extremely friendly and informative, with duty free stores and shopping malls in Barbados usually being fully air conditioned. You don't even have to lug any heavy shopping bags around with you, as some stores will deliver your purchased tax free items to your cruise ship, or the airport for you.  This makes duty free shopping in Barbados really convenient.  

How Do I Determine The Tax Free Price Of An Item in Barbados?

In order to find out the duty free cost of an item you can just take a look at its price tag.  This will usually show the local price as well as the duty free price in local Barbados currency and in US dollars.  If you do not see a duty free price feel free to ask the store clerk if the item is available at a tax free price and explain that you are a traveling visitor to the island.

What To Bring With You When Duty Free Shopping in Barbados

Documents For Duty Free Shopping in BarbadosIn order to make any duty free purchases in Barbados you must ensure that you have a valid passport and return ticket with you. You may also need an additional form of identification but this is often not a requirement.

Once you have paid for your tax free items you will be issued with a duty free receipt.  The store clerk will give you two receipts. You will keep one copy for your own records, and the 2nd receipt is to be posted into a box at the airport when you are departing the island.  This will allow the vendor to reclaim the tax they have already paid on the items you have purchased.

What Can I Buy While Duty Free Shopping in Barbados?

Only certain products can be purchased duty free in Barbados, so while you are shopping in Barbados look out for deals on the following duty free items:

• Jewelery - Gold and silver jewelery, diamonds and other gemstones are great duty free buys from stores such as Colombian Emeralds and Diamonds International.

• Perfume - Well known international brands can be found in all duty free stores.

• Watches - The finest timepieces from the world’s top brands can be purchased from stores such as Little Switzerland at a significant saving.

• Clothing - Duty free prices are available on international designer labels and locally designed clothing.

• Swimsuits - There are several duty free swimwear stores stocking well known brands of swim wear and surf gear, including Lazy Days at Quayside Centre Shopping Plaza.

• Sandals - Sandals, flip flops and other types of footwear.

Is There A Limit To How Much Items I Can Purchase Duty Free?

There are duty free allowances in place in Barbados which restrict the quantities of certain items that visitors are allowed to purchase to take home with them. They vary according to your country of origin so it is best to check the allowances that are applicable to you.

These duty free Barbados allowances typically apply to tobacco, alcohol, perfume and other luxury goods.  

Learn more about the duty free allowances in Barbados and other Barbados customs requirements

Which Stores Offer Barbados Duty Free Shopping?

Barbados duty free shopping is available almost everywhere you look in Barbados, however, these are some of the main Barbados duty free stores and retailers:

• Harrison’s - With six branches around the island, Harrison's is one of the best known duty free retailers in Barbados. They stock crystal, fine china, leather goods, perfumes and watches.

• Cave Shepherd - This is the largest department store in Barbados and is also the foremost duty free retailer. International brand names at excellent prices are what you will find here.

• DaCostas Mall - This popular shopping mall in Bridgetown is home to several duty free stores, including jewelers and clothing stores.

• Colombian Emeralds - This is a large international duty free jeweler with several branches and concessions throughout Barbados.

• Little Switzerland - Stockist of international luxury brands. Watches, jewellery and other luxury goods can be purchased at duty free prices here.

• Diamonds International - This duty free jeweler is the largest in the Caribbean. They offer a wide selection of fine jewelery and watches from well known brands as well as a design service so that you can create your own piece of jewelery which can be ready for you within a matter of hours.

• Lazy Days - Branded swimwear and surf gear is on sale at duty free prices at Lazy Days in the Quayside Centre.

There is such a wide range of high quality duty free shopping available in Barbados that you don't have to travel far at all to take advantage of such great discounts. Prices are excellent, so it makes sense to take advantage during your stay.

Don't forget to take your travel documentation with you!  

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