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Barbados Family Vacation
"Everyone Together on a Caribbean Vacation!"

Why should a family travel to Barbados?  

Firstly, a Barbados family vacation allows you to share your Caribbean vacation experience with your loved ones!  You will enjoy the beautiful beaches as well as take in the cultural, historical and natural attractions that the island has to offer with those closest to your heart. 

The Barbados tourism industry has worked very hard to make this island a family-friendly holiday destination, making it easily accessible from many countries while developing a wealth of Barbados family resorts and all inclusive family resorts which welcome children with open arms. 

As we have also mentioned numerous times,  the island is known as one of the safer tourist destinations in the Caribbean giving you more peace of mind while you vacation with your kids here.

Where should you stay during your Barbados family vacation?

There are a wide range of resorts, hotels, guest houses, villas and apartments available to choose from depending on what you and your family are looking for from your Barbados family holiday.

Barbados Family Vacation Resorts

Bougainvillea Barbados Family ResortOne of the first accommodation options most people thinking of taking a Barbados family vacation consider is a family resort in Barbados.  

With a range of on-site facilities a Barbados family resort, such as Bougainvillea Beach Resort Barbados, is a great choice. These particular Barbados resorts have kids clubs and other child-oriented activities and are also situated right on the beach. Most of the resort style family hotels also offer babysitting services so that parents can have some time alone during their Barbados vacations.
Many of the family all inclusive resorts in Barbados also offer all inclusive packages which can be really good value for your money if you are traveling as a family. A typical all-inclusive vacation package to Barbados will include all meals, drinks between certain hours as well as snacks and activities. Holidaying as a family can be very expensive, but going all-inclusive can help you manage the cost.

Barbados Family Vacation Villas and Vacation Rental Properties

If you are traveling as a larger family group, or just want to do your own thing, self-catering rental properties can be an excellent choice. Most have their own pool, some include a hire vehicle, others even come with staff to look after the villa or do the cooking for you. There are many to choose from and it is all up to what you are looking for.  This type of Barbados accommodation is located in all areas of the island, so you can choose to be beachfront or away from the coast if you wish.

Why Might You Choose A Family Villa Over A Family Resort in Barbados?

Staying in a Barbados family vacation villa can offer a more  secluded holiday experience in exceptionally luxurious surroundings. 

• Families often find having their own kitchen facilities to be a bonus on Barbados family holidays. If you need to prepare baby bottles in the middle of the night or can't face getting all the children up and dressed in time to catch hotel breakfast, you will find having your own cooking facilities to be a real benefit of a Barbados family villa.  You will also save money by eating in some nights.
• You have the flexibility to come and go as you please without being tied to checkin / checkout times, room cleaning services,  dining schedules and other constraints of a Barbados family resort.
• Holidays are a time for play and relaxation, so you can let your children enjoy themselves to their fullest capacity in a villa without the worry of disturbing other hotel guests.

• Several of the holiday rentals available on the island specifically cater for families and therefore staying in a rental property for your holiday can represent excellent value for money. 


What  should families do together while on vacation in Barbados?

There are a multitude of activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family on a holiday to Barbados...

Build Sand Castles On The Beach

Family Vacations in BarbadosNo parent can deny love the beach even more than parents do!  They love to play in the sand, jump in the surf and find sea shells.  Most of the beaches along the south-west and west coast of the island are safe for children due to the shelter, calm Caribbean Sea.

Some beaches worth mentioning for kids are the very popular west coast beaches of Paynes Bay, Mullins Beach and Sandy Lane as well as the popular south coast beaches of Needham's Point and Accra Beach. Generally speaking, most of the beaches on the south and west coasts of the island are safe for children whilst the east coast is not recommended due to the powerful surf.

Swim With Sea Turtles on the West Coast

A Family Friendly Barbados TurtleKids really, really love this one!  A visit to Paynes Bay will allow you to see the hawksbill sea turtles that have made this area their home.  The opportunity to feed them some fish and even swim amongst them is a must.  

There are several snorkeling tours that include a stop at Paynes Bay.  These boat tours and catamaran cruises will take your family for a lunch buffet cruise up the island's west coast making a stop to go swimming with these turtles.  

There is no need to worry...these cruises are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment for both you and your children.  These included child life vests and first aid equipment.  You also won't need to bring your own snorkeling equipment with you as the crew will also supply you with a mask, snorkel and swim fins.  

These cruises vary in price depending on which cruise you choose, however the average rates are $75 USD per adult and $40 USD per child.

Take A Trip Aboard A Submarine

Family Atlantis Submarine DiveAnother thing that kids love to do during a Barbados family vacation is dive deep down to the Caribbean Sea bed aboard the island's submarine.  This underwater tour starts with a ride aboard a shuttle boat called the Ocean Quest out to sea to board the Atlantis Submarine.  

This is a 48 passenger, air conditioned Barbados submarine which explores the coral reefs off of the west coast of the island, reaching depth of up to 150 feet.  

Here your family and kids will enjoy a narrated underwater voyage viewing shipwrecks and a variety of Caribbean marine life from your view ports.  

A Barbados submarine cruise during your Barbados family vacation will cost about $92 USD per adult and $47 USD per child.

Explore The Limestone Caves

Harrison's Cave in BarbadosHarrison's Cave is a fascinating network of limestone caverns where you can see amazing stalactites, stalagmites, underwater streams and waterfalls. This attraction is great for both the kids and the grand parents.  

You will enter the cave via a tram which stops at certain areas so that visitors can get out and take a closer look at the spectacular natural formations.

Highlights of this tour include the Great Hall, which is an enormous dome-shaped cavern, and the crystal clear underground waters of the Cascade Pool.  

A Walk Through The Wildlife Reserve

Family Vacation at The Barbados Wildlife ReserveFamilies will also enjoy a trip to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve near Farley Hill.  Set in 4 acres of mahogany trees, this small reserve is designed so that visitors can walk through it whilst spotting the famous Barbados green monkeys, red footed Barbados tortoises, deer, iguanas and agoutis.

The animals are un-caged so this is a great opportunity for you and your kids to see them in their natural environment.

The kids really love the monkeys
so I recommend visiting during the 2:00 pm monkey feeding!

A tour through this reserve during your Barbados family vacation will cost you $11.50 USD per adult and $5.25 USD per child.

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