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Barbados Flag
"The National Flag of Barbados"


What Does The Barbados Flag Look Like?
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The Barbados national flag is made up of three equal vertical bands - two outer ultramarine bands and a middle gold band.

Barbados Flag

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The Meaning of The Colors On The Barbados National Flag

The ultramarine bands represent the sky and sea of Barbados while the gold middle band represents the sand of our beaches.

The Meaning of The Symbols On The Barbados National Flag

The black trident in the centre of the gold band is the Trident of the Mythical Sea God "Neptune". Its broken shaft indicates Barbados' independence and separation from Britain in 1966.



The Barbados Coat of Arms

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The Barbados Coat of Arms was presented by Her Majesty the Queen in 1966.

Barbados Coat of Arms

The golden shield carries two Pride of Barbados flowers. This is the national flower of Barbados. The shield also bears the Bearded Fig Tree which Barbados was named after. These trees can be found throughout the island.

The shield is held by a dolphin, symbolic of the fishing industry, and a pelican, associated with Pelican Island, a small island which existed off the coast of Barbados.

A helmet and mantling are located just above the shield and a hand holding two crossed pieces of sugar cane, symbolic of the Barbados sugar industry.

The saltire cross formed by the cane represents the cross on which St.Andrew was crucified and independence day is celebrated on Saint Andrews Day (November 30th).

The Coat of Arms bears the motto "Pride and Industry."

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