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I'm Going On A Barbados Golf Vacation....Hunny Where Are My Golf Clubs!

Even though you would prefer your husband to be lying by your side on the beach all day, you can't blame him for wanting to play golf during your vacation in Barbados...

Remember he is traveling to the Caribbean!..It is going to be 30 degrees celsius all day.  Plus you aren't the only wife with a golf crazy spouse : )

When visitors think of enjoying a Caribbean golf vacation it is no suprise that Barbados is one of the first islands that come to mind.  

Why is this?..........Why is Barbados golf popular in the Caribbean?

Well there are a couple of reasons with the most important being the superb quality and design of golf courses in Barbados.

Another reason is that Barbados is blessed with tropical weather.  This provides us with ideal conditions to maintain these world class Caribbean golf courses all year round.

There are 7 golf courses of various skill and price levels from which you can choose.  The most luxurious course are situated on the island's west coast while there are a couple more affordable ones on the south coast.  

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of golf vacation you want to enjoy...

Let's Go All Out With A Luxury Barbados Golf Vacation on The Island's Platinum West Coast!

Of the 8 golf courses on the island, the 2 most fascinating are The Green Monkey Golf Course and The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course.  These are both par 72, 18 hole championship Barbados golf courses with few golf courses in the Caribbean that can contest.

These two golf courses are also ideal if you want to enjoy a luxurious Barbados golf vacation as these are the two most expensive and extravagant golf courses on the island.

So in order to experience the ultimate Barbados golf vacation a stay at The Sandy Lane Barbados Golf Resort & Spa would be your first choice.  This will give you access to the exclusive Green Monkey Golf Course.

Green Monkey Barbados Golf CourseThis Barbados golf course was designed by the world reknown US golf architect Tom Fazio in collaboration with this Barbados luxury resort as part of the resort's $600 million USD facelift in 2004. 

It was estimated that it cost approximately $25 million USD to construct the course which is situated adjacent to the resort on the island's Platinum West Coast.  

Tigers Woods also rented out the entire Sandy Lane Resort in October of 2004 to wed his wife Elin Nordegren.  That alone shows the quality of this magnificent Barbados hotel and golf course.

A Barbados golf vacation at this Barbados golf course is suited for the professional as well as experienced golfers, with green fees amongst the most expensive on the island at $385 USD for 18 holes.

Sandy Lane Barbados Golf ResortThe Green Monkey however is not open to all visitors to Barbados.  
In order to play at this exclusive Barbados golf course you must be a guest at The Sandy Lane Barbados Golf Resort & Spa

Since this is Barbados' most luxurious and lavish resort they have rates of over $1000 USD per night.  

Therefore if you want to experience a round of golf at this golf course during your Barbados golf vacation you need to keep this in mind.

The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course is another world class golf course in Barbados that is also on the island's Platinum west coast. The 18 holes of this championship golf course wind and weave through the exclusive luxury villa community, known as Royal Westmoreland Barbados. 

Royal Westmoreland Barbados Golf CourseStaying at one of these luxury villas will put you directly on the golf course and is your next choice for a luxurious Barbados golf vacation. The villas range in price from $275 USD upwards of $4000 USD per night.

The green fees at the Royal Westmoreland Golf Club Barbados are $250 USD for 18 holes. However green fees are cheaper if you choose to stay at a villa in this luxury community.   

Unlike The Green Monkey, this Barbados golf course is open to all visitors to the island.   You therefore also have the option of staying at a hotel nearby the golf course and makes this course a great choice for your vacation if you can't afford to stay at The Sandy Lane Resort or a luxury villa in The Royal Westmoreland Community.

Golf Vacation at Colony Club Barbados Luxury HotelThe closest hotel to The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course is Colony Club Hotel, just a 5 minute drive away.  This is a 4 star Barbados luxury hotel with 96 room to choose from offering hotel guest preferred tee off times at this Barbados golf course.

Coral Reef Club is also another Barbados luxury hotel that is very close to The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course.  This hotel is just 1 mile away from the golf course and offers hotel guest preferred tee off times as well.

Other hotels near to The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course include:

Settlers Beach Hotel
The Sandpiper Hotel
Discovery Bay Hotel
Mango Bay Resort

Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf CourseAlong with these 2 amazing courses there is a new addition to the island's championship courses.

That is the Apes Hill Club Barbados Golf Course located amongst the 470 acre Apes Hill Luxury Residences

This new exclusive Barbados golf course is 7,150 yards weaving its way through a wood ravine and a coral rock quarry, while yet offering amazing views of The Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.


Vacation in Barbados


Maybe I Should Consider A More Affordable Barbados Golf Vacation On The Island's Platinum West Coast....

So those are the two most exclusive and reknown golf courses on the island and would be your choice for a luxury Barbados golf trip.

But there are also two other top class Barbados golf courses along The Platinum West Coast that you can play at.  These are The Country Club and The Old Nine.

Both of these golf courses are operated by The Sandy Lane Luxury Golf Resort and Spa, however unlike The Green Monkey Golf Course you do not have to be a hotel guest to play a round of golf at these courses.

The Country Club Barbados Golf Course is the resort's second 18 hole, par 74.7 championship golf course.  This 7,060 yard golf course has five lakes and amazing views of The Caribbean Sea.  

Barbados Golf Vacation at The Country ClubThis golf course was also the proud host of the 2006 World Golf championships with a price purse of $4 million USD.

The green fees at The Country Club Golf Course in Barbados for a game of 9 holes are between $100 to $150 USD and $170 to $235 USD for a game of 18 holes.  The golf rates on the lower end are only for guests of the hotel.

The Old Nine is the resort's oldest golf course which was built in 1961.  As the name implies this is a 9 hole, par 36 Barbados golf course that is 3345 yards long.  

Barbados Golf Vacation at The Old NineThis is the cheapest Barbados golf course along The Platinum West Coast with green fees of $80 to $100 USD.  Similar to The Country Club Golf Course rates at The Old Nine Barbados Golf Course are reduced for guests of the Sandy Lane Barbados Hotel.

It would be easiest to spend your Barbados golf vacation at The Sandy Lane Resort if you wish to play at either of these golf courses. However if the Sandy Lane Barbados Resort is above your golf vacation budget there are numerous other Barbados hotels in the Sandy Lane area to choice from.  

Here are a list of these hotels...

Tamarind Cove Hotel
Treasure Beach Hotel
Almond Beach Club & Spa
Divi Heritage
Sunswept Beach Hotel
Mango Bay Resort
Discovery Bay Hotel
The Sandpiper Hotel
Settlers Beach Hotel

Vacation in Barbados

I'm Staying On The Island's South Coast...Can I Still Enjoy A Barbados Golf Vacation

If you are spending your vacation in Barbados on the island's more affordable South Coast there are 2 golf courses to choose from.  These are The Barbados Golf Club and  The Rockley Golf and Country Club.

Of these 2 golf courses, The Barbados Golf Club is the better one for the seasoned golfer.  

Golf Vacation at The Barbados Golf ClubThis is the only 18 hole, par 72, Championship golf course on the island's south coast measuring a total length of 6,805 yards. This golf course was designed by golf architect Ron Kirby.

The green fees at The Barbados Golf Club are from $60 to $80 USD for a game of 9 holes.

The nearest hotels to The Barbados Golf Club are located in the Oistins area.  The closest of these is Little Arches Hotel just a 5 minute drive away.  This is a small boutique hotel that is ideal for romantic Barbados vacations.  

Barbados Golf with Little Arches HotelIf you stay at Little Arches for 10 or more night you receive one complimentary round of golf at The Barbados Golf Club.  

So if you and that special someone are traveling to the south coast of the island and are interested in playing golf,  you should consider staying here during your Barbados golf vacation.

There is also The Sea Breeze Barbados Beach Hotel.  This is an oceanfront hotel with 78 rooms located in the nearby Maxwell area. The hotel is also only 5 minutes away from The Barbados Golf Club and offers guests a 10% discount on green fees.

Some other hotels near to The Barbados Golf Club are:

Golden Sands Hotel
Barbados Beach Club
• Bougainvillea Beach Resort

The Rockley Golf and Country Club in Barbados on the other hand is more suited to the casual golfer.  This is a 9 hole, par 70, Barbados golf course with a total length of 5,610 yards.

The Rockley Golf and Country ClubLike the Royal Westmoreland Golf Course, this golf course also weaves through a residential community located along the south coast of the island.  

The closest accommodations to The Rockley Barbados Golf Course are therefore the many vacation rental apartments throughout this community.

For example, The Barbados Plum Tree Club  is a collection of vacation rental apartments located on The Rockley Golf Course you could stay at.  This will allow you to step out of your apartment right onto the golf course.  You won't even have to drive anywhere.  

The Plum Tree Club in BarbadosThis is therefore a great choice if you are look for an affordable Barbados golf vacation that allows you to also free up time for other family vacation activities.

Since this Barbados golf course is located in the popular Rockley area, there are also a wide variety of south coast Barbados hotels to choose from.  

The most popular of these would be The Accra Beach Hotel as it is located on Accra Beach (also known as Rockley Beach) which is less than 10 minutes away.  

If you stay at this hotel you will not only be close to The Rockley Golf Course but you will also be your Barbados golf vacation on one of the nicest beaches on the island.

Othe hotels in the Rockley area near to The Rockley Golf Course and Country Club are:

Blue Horizon Hotel
South Beach Resort & Vacation Club
Blue Orchids Beach Hotel
Coral Mist Beach Hotel
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel
Coral Sands Beach Resort
Sandy Bay Beach Club
Allamanda Beach Hotel

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