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Barbados - I Think I'm in Love!

by Kristy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Miami Beach - reading under a palm tree

Miami Beach - reading under a palm tree

Miami Beach - reading under a palm tree Playing paddle ball on Crane beach Getting ready to surf at Freights Beautiful Bathsheba!

I recently traveled to Barbados and had the most amazing time. I stayed with a friend that I had met at school in Canada and so I really got a true experience of what it is like to live in Barbados.

Some of the things that I did while in Barbados, that I feel are a must are:

Going to the horse races at the Garrison - We watched most of the races from the grandstand (where you pay about 20 BDS to sit), but also watched a couple of races from the side of the track where you can watch without paying anything. It was an incredible experience as you can get much closer to the action in Barbados than you can back in Canada!

Take a surf lesson - If you are a beginner surfer, I highly recommend heading out at Freights Bay for a little surf. You can take a surf lesson, or just rent a board and go out on your own. My friend had a long board that I was able to use, and is an experienced surfer, so I had my own personal lessons :) I absolutely loved the feeling of being out in the water, with sea turtles popping there heads up all around me, and seeing the island from a bit of a different angle in the water. I was even up riding a wave by the end of my session!

Go for a drive around the island - Since I was staying with a friend and we had a car, it was easy for us to get around and see the whole island. So I think that it is a must to rent a car for at least a day or two to see all of the coasts of Barbados as they are all very different. We went to Crane beach on the south coast and packed a picnic lunch one day. Bottom Bay and Harry Smith were also in that area and are very beautiful beaches on the southeast coast. The water is generally more rough, but the beauty of the beaches are a must see! On another day we went to Bathsheba on the East coast, and then went to the most northern point where there are big jagged cliffs and very rough water. We drove down the west coast on the way home where many of the hotels are and stopped at Holetown to look in the chattel houses, and at a few beaches to swim. The west coast has some of the nicest beaches for swimming as the water is more calm. We drove through the center of the island to go to Earthworks, where I bought some pottery, and along the way, I got to see a couple of plantation houses and lots of sugarcane.

Go to Oistins for the fish fry - I suggest going on a Friday night for some great food and entertainment. There are also lots of vendors set up selling all kinds of jewellery, paintings and other souvenirs.

Hope you enjoy your vacation to this beautiful island as much as I did! I am also going to post some of the pics of the places that I mentioned for you:)

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