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Barbados Landmarks
"Sites For You To Look Out For"

There are various historical Barbados landmarks that you may very well wish to include in your island sightseeing itinerary while spending your vacation on this beautiful Caribbean island,

The best way of getting around to viewing all of these points of interest during your sightseeing is by hiring your own car for a few days.

This enables you to view absolutely everything at your own pace and as Barbados is so easily accessible, with a relatively good road network, it’s the very best way of exploring the entire island.

When venturing to and from these landmarks in Barbados, you will gain a sense of appreciation for just how staunchly proud this island is of its history and culture.

Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the following Barbados landmarks:

Proud Statues Standing Tall!

Throughout the island a number of statues have been erected throughout history to remind Bajans of where they came from and of the citizens who have had the greatest impact on our island nation.  

These are the easiest historical landmarks to view in Barbados as you will very likely come across them while driving and touring around the island.

Bussa Statue BarbadosOne of these statues is The Bussa Statue.

This statue is also known as the ‘Emancipation Statue’ and commemorates the abolition of slavery in Barbados.  

With this particular statue, poignancy is the operative word!

It is believed that in 1816, a slave known as Bussa led an uprising and rebellion of slaves on the island that had a significant impact on the abolishment of slavery in Barbados.  

This statue, featuring Bussa breaking free from chains fastened to his wrists, was erected in 1985.

In 1999 Bussa became the first national hero of Barbados and every year on August 1st Barbadians gather around this statue to celebrate the abolishment of slavery and the beginning of our freedom.

The Sir Garfield Sobers Statue BarbadosDuring your Barbados vacation you may find this landmark in Barbados at the Haggatt Hall Roundabout in St. Michael, along the ABC Highway.

A second Barbados landmark that you will likely see while driving around the island is The Sir Garfield Sobers Statue.

This statue was unveiled in 2002 to celebrate the life achievements of one of the most all-round talented cricketers that has ever lived.....namely Sir Garfield Sobers!

It stands at an impressive 12 feet tall and weighs a mighty 1.5 tonnes, as it is made entirely of bronze.

You will find this Barbados landmark at the Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium, the island's major cricket playing field, on the outskirts of the island's capital of Bridgetown.

Protecting Ships From Our Rugged North and East Coasts

When you come to Barbados you may only ever enjoy the very gentle seaside of this island on the west or south coasts.

Barbados LighthouseThis is because these coasts are where most of the tourists accommodations, attractions and lagoon like beaches are.

However, don’t be fooled by this serene calmness; because underneath it all, Barbados’ east and north coasts are notoriously surrounded by much rougher Atlantic Ocean swells.

Proof of this can be seen in our four historic lighthouses that are located around the coasts of this island.

These are Harrison Point Lighthouse, Needhams Point Lighthouse, The South Point Lighthouse and Ragged Point Lighthouse.

Three out of these four Barbados landmarks are still in operation today to warn ships of the perilous rocks which line these coasts.

The Lion At Gun Hill Signal Station And Barbados Signal Stations

The famous lion at the Gun Hill Signal Station is carved from coral stone and is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Barbados in its own right.

This stone lion at Gun Hill stands about 7 feet tall with its left paw resting on a red ball.  This Barbados landmark was created in 1868 by Captain Henry Wilkinson an officer at the signal station.

The Gun Hill signal station was one of six that were in use during the early part of the 19th century, by the British. These stations were used to communicate news and warnings around the Caribbean.

If you wish to view this lion and signal station, today this Barbados landmark has been turned into a tourist attraction and is located in the centre of the island in the parish of St.George.  This site offers some of the best views of the south and east coasts of Barbados.

Grenade Hall Signal Station is another popular historical point of interest that visitors to the island can view.

Unlike Gun Hill, this signal station is located in the parish of St.Andrew along the island's east coast, next to the Wildlife Reserve.

Grenade Hall was builit in 1819 and provided the military with superb views of the east coast and thus any ships approaching the island.

While visiting the The Wildlife Reserve to see our green monkeys, your admission will also allow you to visit this landmark in Barbados.

Historical Plantation Houses And Sugar Factories Of Barbados

Sunbury GreathousePlantation houses and sugar factories on the island provide you with perfect insight into how life was like on Barbados over the centuries.

These Barbados landmarks also show how certain industries remain of vital importance to the economy of this island nation today.

There are a number of plantation houses to choose between and these include, St. Nicholas Abbey, Sunbury Great House and Fisher Pond Great House.

You should also spare some time to take a trip to one of the two sugar factories in Barbados.  

These are the Andrews Sugar Factory in St.Joseph and Portvale in St.James.

You will notice Andrews Sugar Factory as you make your way to the east coast of the island and into the parish of St.Joseph.  

The Portvale Factory in St.James on the other hand is home of The Sugar Museum and this is where you will begin to understand just how important sugar cane was to Barbados and is still to this day.  

You will also learn how to cultivate and make sugar : ).

Barbados Buildings Of Interests

Now I'm going to mention some buildings that standout on the island that you may see.  The first of utmost importance to our political history is The Barbados Parliament Building.

The Parliament Building in Barbados Barbados is proud to boast the fact that it has the third oldest parliament system in the Commonwealth; after Britain and Bermuda, established in 1639.

With this in mind, the Parliament Building in Bridgetown is one of the most beautifully impressive buildings on the island.

The gothic style architecture is built from coral limestone and this building was intended to be strategically placed right in the heart of the capital.

You will obviously visit our capital Bridgetown during you trip to the island.  While touring the city you can easily identify this Barbados landmark by its tall clock tower atop which sits the island's flag.

Some of the oldest Barbados landmarks are also our churches.

Originally, there were six parish churches scattered across the island with the St. Lucy’s Parish Church being one of the original six.

The two easiest churches for you to see are the St.James Parish Church and Christ Church Parish Church depending on which coast you choose to stay on.

St James Church in BarbadosIf you are staying along the west coast of the island, you will likely be very near to the village of Holetown where you will find St.James Parish Church.

This is the oldest anglican church in Barbados built of wood in 1628 by the first British settlers to the island and later rebuilt out of stone.

This is one of the oldest landmarks in Barbados.

If you are staying on the south coast of the island on the other hand, you will be able to see the Christ Church Parish Church.  

This is another Anglican church which was built in 1935 and can be found in the village of Oistins.

This church in Barbados is known for its Chase Vault, a vault where coffins were placed and then the vault sealed shut.  It is believed that coffins in this sealed vault mysteriously change location and move around.

A third point of interest is our large cricket stadium known as the Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium.

No other sport or pastime is of more importance to Barbadians than cricket.

This is one legacy the island was so pleased to adopt from the British and you will actually start to feel how the people of this island literally live and breath this sport.

Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium BarbadosThe Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium is an impressive venue that simply has to be included in any Barbados landmark viewing itinerary.

It was orginal built in 1871 but it's current appearance is due to a massive expansion and renovation of the stadium for several matches of the World Cup of Cricket held in 2007.

It can now hold up to 28,000 spectators and its grandstand is the second tallest structure in Bridgetown!

There are a variety of historic cricket events that took place at the Kensington Oval including  the first cricket match between a West Indies team and a Marleybourne Cricket Club team in the Caribbean in 1911, as well as the first West Indian cricket grounds to host an English touring cricke team in 1895.

You may see this Barbados landmark when travelling out of the city back to your hotel along the west coast.  It will be directly infront of you as you leave Bridgetown and make your way on to the Spring Garden Highway.

Well, there you have it...some Barbados landmarks that you should add to your list of things to do in Barbados during your Barbados vacation.  Take the time to capture a picture of each one for some long lasting memories!

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