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Barbados Luxury Villas
"Comfort, Privacy and Serenity"

Barbados luxury villas are one of the most luxurious self catering options of the many types of accommodation to choose from for your vacation in Barbados.

Barbados villas are becoming a more popular choice for visitors to the island and renting one of the luxury villas in Barbados is a lot better in so many ways.

Putting cost aside for the moment, try and think about what a Barbados luxury villa can actually offer you.

The Best Ocean and Sea Views

For starters, when you book a vacation to Barbados, you are not only going for the Caribbean sunshine and beach activities, you are going for the spectacular scenery as well.

Luxury villas can be found all over the island with the majority located along the south and west coastlines. This means that you are guaranteed to have wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean whenever you open your blinds in the morning.

Also, if you choose a Barbados luxury villa along the west coast with a balcony you can relax in the evening, watching the sunset from your front-row seat.

The Ultimate in Amenitites

The most opulent villas in Barbados are found along the Platinum West Coast. These are the most expensive of the luxury villas in Barbados due to the fact that they offer outstanding quality and service.

If you have vacationed in a standard Barbados villa before, this is nothing compared to what the Platinum West Coast properties have!

They come with all of the mod-cons you would expect from a 5 star hotel and much, much more.

Barbados Luxury Villas OceanviewMost of them have lush gardens, infinity swimming pools, big screen satellite television, gyms, tennis courts and dedicated staff. Many of them also have a private path leading onto the beachfront.

Privacy and Security

Aside from their beauty and amenities, Barbados luxury villas can give you more privacy than any hotel or B&B ever could.

You do not have to worry about making too much noise or crawling in to your bed at 3 am. You can spend more time enjoying your time away without having to worry too much about what other people may think.

On top of this you have the added comfort of knowing that you, your family and belongings are secure. With a Barbados luxury villa, there are no other guests milling about that could lead to an issue with security.

Most of the luxury villas are also fenced in and many have security gates so that intruders are kept out, adding to the privacy you and your family will have.

Some also even offer security services, such as a full time security guard, which is especially handy in the evening and night time if you are heading out.

Just think, you do not have any of this added protection and peace of mind when staying in a guesthouse.

Tons Of Space

Another benefit of luxury villas in Barbados are space as the majority of the properties are very spacious, not just inside but outside as well.

Barbados luxury villas come in a range of sizes usually anywhere from three to even ten bedrooms. There is therefore no need to share two bedrooms between a family of four.

Your kids can each have their own rooms allowing them to rest or play as they want to.

The grounds of luxury villas are much larger than regular vacation villas in Barbados with long drive ways, lush gardens, extravagant gazebos and large, beachfront patios.

Having taken this all into consideration, you may agree that the benefits of a luxury villa in Barbados outweigh those of staying in a guesthouse or hotel. But the cost of renting a luxury villa may still be playing on your mind.

Well, it may put your mind at ease to know that luxury villas on the island greatly vary in rental price based on their location, size and facilities that you have right on your doorstep.

The cost of renting one of these Barbados villas can therefore range anywhere between USD$325 to USD$25,000 per night.

Even with the lower end of the price scale, you can still have all of the luxury you want from your Barbados vacation with all of the added benefits of not being in a hotel or guesthouse.

You will also find that the prestigious Platinum West Coast has properties that suit all budgets within the quoted price scale too, which means that staying in one of the most sought after locations on Barbados is not entirely out of reach.

And the best news of all is that many of the vill rental agents and property owners will give you a discount when booking or a reduced rate if you will not be using all of the bedrooms.

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