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Barbados Map
"Getting To Know Your Way Around The Island"

In order to get around the island I advise you get your hands on a good Barbados map.

Not only will you get to know our island but you will always know exactly what coast you are on, which attractions you are near to and which beaches are close by at all times.

It won't be difficult to get your hands on a decent map of Barbados as every hotel on the island supplies visitors with a wide range of maps to choose from.

Barbados maps for visitors are also available from various locations around the island.

However if you are like me and always travel prepared, feel free to print off any of the following maps of Barbados from the site as they are here to help you.

Throughout this site I will pinpoint exactly where each hotel, villa, beach and attraction is on interactive Barbados maps. One can be found at the bottom of this page. This will allow you to have a clear feel for their locations before you get here.

Now let me tell you a little bit about Barbados....

Where is Barbados? Barbados is the most easterly Caribbean island located just north-east of South America with an area of 430 sq km (166 sq miles) and a population of about 280,000.

It is easily identifiable as it sits just south east of the Caribbean island chain...yes that tiny dot on your world map :) .

Barbados The Caribbean Islands

The island is mainly composed of limestone-coral, fringed by numerous coral reefs and sandy beaches. It is often referred to as 'the gem of the Caribbean' or 'Bim'.

Barbados is divided into 11 different parishes. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown and is located in the south west parish of St.Michael and is referred to as 'Town'.  There are three other major towns in Barbados.  These are Oistins, Holetown and Speightstown.

If you take a look at the map of Barbados below you will see these 11 parishes as well as the major towns clearly outlined.

Barbados Island Map

When planning a vacation in Barbados, you will usually first have to decide which coast of the island to stay on with the most popular Barbados coasts for vacationing being the south and west coasts of the island.  This is due to their beautiful beaches and numerous hotels.

Since the Barbados north coast and east coast are more rugged there are fewer accommodations here but makes here more suited for excursions.

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