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Barbados Music
"What is the music of Barbados like?"

You will hear various types of Barbados music while you are on the island.

Music video: Barbados Reggae Artist David Kirton performing "Green Camouflage"

Music of Barbados is strongly influenced by the musical forms brought to the island by  enslaved Africans in the 17th and 18th centuries.

This music is known as Afro Caribbean music.

If you wish to get a taste of the flavours of music in Barbados, the best time to visit the island is during The Crop Over season.

This season runs from July to early August.

During this time there are numerous music festivals and the season is topped off with the infamous street carnival, Grand Kadooment.

Barbados Calypso Music

Vacation in Barbados

The most common type of music you will hear is calypso music.

This form of Caribbean music originated in Trinidad and was used by slaves as a way to communicate to each other.

Soca music, or soul calypso, is a form of calypso music that is also popular in Barbados.

This is a more up-tempo dance form of calypso music that is very prevalent amongst the younger Bajan community and a huge part of Kadooment.

Barbados Reggae Music

Vacation in Barbados

You will definitely hear reggae music as well in Barbados.

As most of you know reggae music is a huge part of Caribbean culture.

However you won’t hear Bob Marley all day and all night.

There are various types of reggae played ranging from relaxing, spiritual roots reggae to high paced dancehall reggae.

Barbados Steelpan Music

Vacation in Barbados

A steelpan is a form of steel percussion drum.

These drums are made from pounding the bottom of a 55-gallon oil drum into a concave bowl shape and notes grooved into this bowl.

Barbados steelpan bands are usually made up of up to 10 members and can be seen during the “Pan In De City” Cropover event in mid-July.

This music event is usually held at Heroes Square in the capital city, Bridgetown.

Gospel Music in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados is a very religious country, with Christianity being the most predominant religion. If you pass one of the many churches on the island you will most likely hear the church choirs singing their hearts out.

Barbados is also the proud host of the Caribbean’s premier gospel festival, Gospelfest, held in mid-May.

More Related Barbados Music Information

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Music Festivals – Some music festivals held in Barbados that are popular among tourists include Gospelfest and The Barbados Jazz Festival.

The Barbados Music Awards - Barbados holds its annual music awards at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium. Rihanna swept the competition this year taking best Song of the Year and Album of the Year to name a few.

Barbados Music Artists - Barbadian musicians have become a rising force in the world of Caribbean music especially with the recent rise of pop musician Rihanna and new and upcoming hopeful Livvi Ranc. Other popular Barbadian music artists include Rupee, David Kirton, Shakey Ranks and Allison Hinds

Barbados Music Videos - Want to see some Caribbean music videos from some of our top musicians?

Barbados Music Stores – The largest and most popular music store in Barbados is A&B Music Supplies

Quick Facts About The Music of Barbados:

Vacation in Barbados

• Most popular artist: Rihanna

• Most popular genres: Calypso and Reggae Music

• Most popular festivals: Kadooment, Gospelfest, Barbados Jazz Festival

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