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The Best Barbados Nightlife
"Where should I party while in Barbados?"

There are many hot spots you can hit while enjoying the best of our Barbados nightlife.

These range from pumping nightclubs where you and your closest friends can drink Bajan rum and dance all night...

To the more relaxing, chilled out bars where you can grab a drink and enjoy live reggae music.

The best thing about the Barbados nightclubs and beach bars is that most of them are outdoors. This means that most nights you can even wear your shorts and sandals out to the bar.

I really enjoy this since I don't end up feeling sweaty at the end of a great night.

Recommended Barbados Clubs and Barbados Bars

Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights BarbadosThe most popular, trendy night club in Barbados is Harbour Lights.

If you know anyone from here or anyone who has visited the island I guarantee they know this one and will recommend you go there.

If you are looking for somewhere to party and drink local rum Harbour Lights Barbadosis the place to be on a Friday night.

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The Boatyard

The Boatyard BarbadosThe Boatyard Barbados is another great place for visitors to party. This is also an open air beachfront bar along the south coast.

The Tuesday night Drinks Free Party (“Fat Tuesday’s”) is definitely a night to experience.

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St Lawrence Gap

Cafe Sol in The Gap in BarbadosSt Lawrence Gap is a strip along the south west coast of the island lined with bars and restaurants.  This is the place to be if you want to eat amazing seafood dinners, drink cocktails and dance to live reggae music.

The best night to enjoy the Barbados nightlife in The Gap is on a Thursday night.  This is when most of the bars offer two for one drink specials and have a wide range of entertainment lined up.

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Lexy Piano Bar

Lexy Piano Bar Barbados Nightlife The Lexy Piano Bar is the only piano bar in Barbados and is located at the entrance to Mango Bay Hotel along the west coast of the island.  

This smoking-free piano bar offers 5 hours of live entertainment from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am and is a must visit for those of you that are over 30.

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