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Barbados North Coast
"The Untouched Caribbean Coast"

The Barbados north coast is definitely the forgotten stretch of coastline on this beautiful island. 

However, we Bajans are well aware of the beautiful spots that are prevalent within this area, and prefer to head for this coast of the island to relax and enjoy a picnic.

Breathtaking is the only word that can be used to describe the magnificent photo opportunities that are afforded along this remote and isolated stretch of coastline. 

It is absolutely the only place to come when you are keen on leaving the busier parts of Barbados and want to lose yourself in the unspoilt and serene rural communities which exist here.
Much of the north coast of Barbados is very rural and isolated and you will definitely need your own mode of transport to navigate along the quiet tracks. Therefore hiring a car is always a good idea if you really want to explore this forgotten coast.

Your own car gives you total freedom to go off and explore the rugged cliffs and amazing oceanic views that are in ample supply along this entire coastline. Just make sure you take your camera along.

Barbados North Coast Communities and Attractions

The northern most tip of Barbados is included within the parish of St. Lucy. Here you will find much smaller villages and hamlets and these will all provide you with a better glimpse at how life was before tourism exploded on this Caribbean island.

The Parish of St. Lucy

Barbados North PointWhen looking at a Barbados map you will find the parish of St.Lucy at the top of the island.  A journey to the very most northern tip of this parish will lead you to the north point of Barbados. 

This stretch of the north coast is lined with steep, rugged cliffs and awesome views and here you will also find the ruins of an old resort known as the Barbados North Point Surf Resort.

Although beaches are not as prevalent in this part of Barbados, they are not completely lacking. Little Bay, Cove Bay and River Bay are three safe swimming areas that you can head for if you are looking to sea bathe on this part of the island. 

Experienced surfers will also find themselves in seventh heaven at Maycock’s Bay, but do notice that the word ‘experienced’ is not being used loosely here. There are some strong currents and sharp reefs around this part of the Barbados north coast and this is definitely not for swimmers or surfing novices.

Fustic House Barbados North Tourist attractions wise; you can head to The Animal Flower Cave, which is also located within the parish of St. Lucy. Over the centuries the Atlantic Ocean has managed to forge out an impressive cave in the rocks and this is now home to some remarkable creatures.

Fustic House, an old plantation house private estate available for vacation rental, as well as the Mount Gay Rum Distillery are also found along the north coast of Barbados; both of which provide for some interesting insights into our cultural traditions.

The Parish of St. Peter

Port St. Charles Barbados in St.PeterIf you are in dire need of just a wee bit more of the north coast life, you’ll need to head southwest into the parish of St. Peter. This parish is definitely much less remote than St. Lucy and also boasts considerably more beaches. 

This is because this stretch of the Bajan coast is not quite so vulnerable to the relentless pounding of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cobbler’s CoveMullin’s Beach and Heywood’s Beach are examples of some of the popular beaches which are to be found in the parish of St. Peter. The water at all of these is much calmer and safer; so they are all ideal for people who are looking to swim or take part in watersports.

Port St. Charles is a must see in St. Peter. This is a luxury village development which boasts impressive yachts moored in the harbour, a bar and a fine-dining restaurant which goes by the name of La Mer

St Nicholas Abbey in St PeterPort St.Charles is a private, exclusive residential community so though you will not be able to enter this community if you do not choose it as your accommodation, its beauty is visible from the nearby Heywoods Beach.

There is also a good variety of tourist attractions to keep you busy in St. Peter. This ranges from the old plantation house of St. Nicholas Abbey, which is an absolute must for all of those history buffs who are keen on finding out about this island’s past; to the town of Speightstown which will bring you in contact with more life and an abundance of facilities such as a supermarket and village shopping.

One thing is for certain and that is the Barbados north coast provides for an often welcome getaway from the more commercial parts of the island. It is Barbados untouch and at its absolute best.   

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