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Barbados Rally Car RacingIf you have ever heard that the island of Barbados offers its visitors pretty much any kind of activity to enjoy during their Barbados holiday - this really is the case! Obviously, you have the usual popular activities of soaking-in the warm Bajan sun, enjoying the azure-blue seas of the tranquil Caribbean Sea, and numerous great attractions to visit, but you may also wish to consider the possibility of something very different: how does a rally car racing carnival sound as a unique way of spending a few of your days on the island?

Barbados rally car racing is a sport that is taken extremely seriously on the island of Barbados. Indeed, there are even annual carnivals/rallies organised throughout the year and the local come out in crowds to celebrate the fact that Barbados enjoys a highly-respected ranking where this form of motorised car racing sport is concerned.

Teams from all over the Caribbean region, and an increasing number of other Western European countries, head across the Atlantic every year to compete against the extremely proficient ‘local boys’ in this Bajan sporting event. With the fact that the level of competition continues to increase year after year, this certainly keeps the Bajan rally car racers on their toes and force them to consistently up their game.

The Barbados Rally Carnival

Barbados Rally CarnivalProudly endorsed by the government of Barbados and supported by pretty much every inhabitant on the island, the Barbados Rally Carnival has been running for over 11 years now and has always proven to be a great sporting event to attend. This is the ultimate opportunity for fans of rally car racing to get together, socialise and in true Bajan style, enjoy the perfect excuse to party!

Barbados has one of the best overall road infrastructures in the entire Caribbean region and therefore allows for tarmac rally car racing in this part of the world to be entirely possible. The Barbados Rally Carnival also has a world-renowned track at Vaucluse Raceway which is perfect for hosting this type of sporting event.

The carnival tends to take place in late-May or mid-July and the event generally stretches over a two week period, with plenty of racing to enjoyed throughout often including scrutineering, a Rally Sprint and King of the Hill event. This particular carnival is very well organised and registering for inclusion in the rally car racing is made extremely easy through the carnival’s main website:

The Sol Rally Barbados

Sol Rally BarbadosIs another rally car racing event that is staged on the island of Barbados and this one claims to be the biggest in the Caribbean region. Each year there are over 100 entrants to this rally car racing event, and again, these teams come from all over the world including the UK power duo of English driver Paul Bird and Scottish co-driver Kirsty Riddick.

This particular car racing event is generally held over two days each year in early June. If you are a keen rally car enthusiast and want to witness this event during your trip to Barbados you can find information on each event and stage of the Sol Rally Barbados at the event’s official website

Barbados has certainly built-up an enviable reputation where Caribbean rally car racing is concerned. The Barbados Tourism Authority, in conjunction with the Government of the island, have all recognised the fact that rally car racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in Barbados. As the car rallies and carnivals are slotted into a part of the calendar that are traditionally quiet, this has meant that many tens of thousands of additional tourists and visitors have been attracted to the island and helped to give this industry a tremendous boost.

To back this up with some very impressive statistics, it is estimated that the Sol Rally Barbados contributes more than $2 million Barbados dollars into the nation’s economy and an average of 2,500 hotel night stays are booked in conjunction with this very popular event.

Rally car racing is celebrated and promoted heavily in Barbados and if this particular sport is of interest to you, there could be no better place in the Caribbean to experience the exciting events that are taken so seriously during the carnivals and rallies. Of course, though, as we are talking about Barbados here, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of beach time sun tanning and relaxing to enjoy at the same time - this wouldn’t be the Caribbean without these essential extras!

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