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Barbados Religion
"The Hub of Barbados Culture"

St.James Parish Barbados ChurchBarbados religion is at the hub of Barbados' culture with more than 100 established religions throughout the island. This island is therefore a very religious one with priests and leaders of these Barbados religions having a great impact on the culture of the island and its people.

Most families attend some type of church mass or religious gathering at least once a week. This commonly takes place on a Sunday.  You will therefore notice the island pretty much shuts down on Sundays with only gas stations and some convinence stores remaining open.  Most major supermarkets also operate on a Sunday but for reduced hours. After attending Sunday mass, families will usually get together for lunch at home or spend the day relaxing on the beach.  

Religious gatherings in Barbados take place in a variety of places.  Most Christians attend mass in churches, with Anglican churches being some of the largest and most magnificent buildings of worship in Barbados. You will definitely spot a few of these churches throughout your Barbados vacation. However many religious worshipers gather in anything from large buildings and halls to small homes.

If you decide to attend a religious mass while on vacation in Barbados you will be more than welcome at any Barbados church service.

Now lets take a look at the various religions in Barbados....

Christianity in Barbados

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More than 80% of the island are Christians with the majority belonging to The Church of England.  This is due to the fact that the first religion introduced to the island was Anglicanism  and still remains the main religion in Barbados.


St.Mary's Anglican Church in Bridgetown BarbadosThe Anglican Church is a branch of the Christian faith and was established in my Caribbean island by the British settlers of the 17th century.  

This faith makes up about 40% of the island's population. You will therefore notice more than 50 Anglican churches spread through the island during your Barbados vacation.

Roman Catholic

The Roman Catholic Church makes up 12% of the island's population.   Most Roman catholics in Barbados will attend church in Barbados as early as 6:30 / 7:00 am Sunday mornings. However many Roman Catholic churches have a mass on Saturday evenings.

Seventh Day Adventists

There is also a large population of Seventh Day Adventists on the island.  Followers of this denomination observe Saturday as the Sabbath as opposed to Sunday.  This is due to the fact that the seventh day of Judeo-Christian is believed to be Saturday. Barbadians following this religion of Barbados therefore will not perform any kind of activities from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday including work, going to the beach or any other form of entertainment.


Pentecostalism makes up 8% of the island's population.  The main difference with this religious movement within Christianity is their strong inspirations and their connection with God through the Baptism of The Holy Spirit with a focus on The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Pentecostals believe in practicing these gifts, one of which includes the ability to speak in tongues.


About 7% of the island are Methodists.  This Barbados religion is a branch from the Protestantism, a movement within Christianity.

Other Christian Denominations in Barbados

Quaker, Mormonism, Moravian, Jehovah's Witness and Evangelicalism are some of the remaining Christian religions movements that are practiced by people of this island.

Other Religions in Barbados

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There is also a large number of followers of Rastafarianism on the island.  This is a monotheist Abrahamic religion that has origins linking to the East African country of Ethiopia and the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  Rastafarianism was introduced to Barbados in 1975.  

Rastafarian BarbadosFollowers of this religion in Barbados are referred to as Rastafarians or Rastas.  When people think of rastas and the Caribbean they usually think of Bob Marley and Jamaica.  

However the span of this religion is widespread throughout the Caribbean and Barbados too is home to hundreds of Rastafarians.

A few distinct characteristics of this faith include the belief in one single God referred to as "Jah" who is the form of the Holy Trinity.  Therefore  Jah is believed to be God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

They are also distinct in their spiritual use of the Cannabis plant.  This plant is smoked and is believed to clean the body and mind, heal the soul and bring believer closer to Jah.

Without a doubt you will see a number of Rastafarians during your Barbados vacation.  They can be identified by their distinct dreadlock hair and by the colourful attire they wear displaying the colours of black, gold, red and green.  However there are a large number of Barbadians who sport the same style of hair and attire but are not followers of this faith. 

Apostolic Spiritual Baptists / Tie-Heads

You may also notice that there are a few people in Barbados who dress in colourful gowns and wear cloth turbans around their heads.  

This small group of Barbadians are followers of the Apostolic Spiritual Baptist religion and are referred to by locals as "Tie-Heads".  

This Barbados religion is the only religion indigenous to our island and was founded in 1957 by Bishop Granville Williams.  The different colours worn by Tie-Heads represents the individual's specific qualities.

This unique Barbados religion combines African and Christian practices with very energetic Christian services.  The church services are characterized by up-beat music, the stomping of their feet, the clapping of their hands and dancing similar to many African dances.


Even though Barbados is made up of 90% black and 4% white people there is a small community of East Indians living on this island.  The majority of these Indians practice Hinduism.

Small Religious Movements

Islam, Judaism and Muslim are followed by a small number of people of different diverse backgrounds.

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