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Barbados Rum Shops Photos
"What do Barbados rum shops look like?"

These Barbados rum shops photos will show you the unique design and style of rum shops in Barbados.

It is very easy to spot a rum shop in Barbados as most of them are painted with the logo of a specific beer or rum company.

There are many rum shops located throughout out the island and you are sure to be within walking distance of one.

These small bars are popular hang out spots for locals on the weekends especially in the major cities of Oistins and Bridgetown.

Photos of Rum Shops in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Red Banks Barbados Rum Shop
Taken by: The Smiley Bajan Boy

Barbados Rum Shop Picture
Taken by: The Smiley Bajan Boy

Photo of Rum Shop Barbados
Taken by: The Smiley Bajan Boy

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