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Barbados Scuba Diving Vacation
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A Barbados scuba diving vacation has much to offer divers of all abilities. The south and west coasts are where the best Barbados dive sites can be found with a variety of reefs and ship wrecks to explore. There are a few sites on the east coast, but these are only accessible during the summer as the Atlantic Ocean is too fierce during winter and lends itself better to surfers.

The wide range of marine life that can be observed underwater is exceptional with good visibility and warm waters for which a 3mm suit should be more than sufficient, if necessary at all. Diving is taken seriously on the island, with the most modern and up-to-date scuba equipment available, experienced professional instructors, well equipped scuba boats and a decompression chamber located at the Barbados Defence Force Head Quarters.

Scuba Diving Along The Coasts of Barbados

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The south and west coasts of Barbados boast around 2 dozen dive sites between them and are the most popular diving areas. The waters are warm and calm and there are numerous diving companies who can offer tuition, equipment hire and diving trips.

The sheltered west coast is where you will find the Folkestone Marine Park, and the south coast is the home of the Carlisle Bay Marine Park. Both of these sites have a variety of reefs and wrecks for divers to explore.

The east coast also has around ten reefs and during the summer months, divers can venture into the calmer waters for the opportunity to spot larger fish, particularly nurse sharks. This coast is further away from the more built up south and west coasts of the island but if you are looking for a scuba dive adventure during your Barbados scuba diving vacation this coast is a great option.

What Marine Life Will I See While Scuba Diving in Barbados?

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Nurse SharkThere is a wide variety of marine life to be spotted whilst scuba diving in Barbados.

The coral reefs surrounding the island are home to to stingrays, sea horses, barracuda, frog fish, octopi, reef squid, mackerel and moray eels, turtles, parrot fish, lobsters, bar jacks, yellow tails, horse eye, snappers, blackjacks, cavalee, nurse sharks and Bermuda chubs.

The Carlisle Bay Marine Park in Barbados is actively working to protect the species found here as well as the coral that creates such a wonderful habitat.

Where Can I Learn to Dive or Take a Barbados dive tour?

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Barbados Scuba Diving LessonsMost of the Barbados dive operators are based on the south and west coasts of the island where the main diving sites area. Most offer diving tuition to PADI and NAUI standard, as well as diving equipment hire and diving trips.

Dive lessons are available for groups and individuals for both adults and children. There are also different Barbados dive trips available including visits to shipwrecks, the reefs and night dives.

Many dive operators have partnerships with the Barbados hotels and resorts and will pick you up from your hotel and take you back there after a hard days diving!  A great example is the Hilton Hotel Barbados who offer their guests dive packages with The Dive Barbados Blue diving operator looked right next to the resort. This makes it very convenient for you to organize your dives even if you didn't do so before travelling.  

Exploring The Reefs of Barbados

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The reefs surrounding Barbados are Barrier reefs which are to be found anywhere from 0.5 to 2 miles from the shore, as well as Fringes and Patching reefs which you can find closer to the shore.

The barrier reefs are where you can spot thousands of fish and other marine life such as turtles, whereas the smaller reefs near the shore are teeming with plant life. Some of the most popular reefs in Barbados where you can dive during your Barbados scuba diving vacation are Boot, home to many Barbados turtles, as well as Lobster Reef where you will spot many friendly stingrays. Dottins is also one of the most popular Barbados dive sites on the west coast with a large array of marine life. But like I said before there are over 20 other dive sites and reefs around the island to choose from.


Exploring The Ship Wrecks of Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados is known as the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean! There are numerous shipwrecks for divers to explore, some of which sank naturally, others deliberately to create reef conditions. The Carlisle Bay Marine Park even boasts 6 shipwrecks for divers of all levels, so beginners won't be left out!

Some of the best shipwrecks to explore during your Barbados scuba diving vacation include The Stavronikita and The Bajan Queen.  

The Stavronikita is the most popular shipwreck in Barbados and was deliberately sunk after being stripped and prepared for divers. This ship was once a former Greek freighter and is a must dive for any Barbados scuba diving vacation!  

The Bajan Queen was once a party boat in Barbados which was deliberately sunk in 2002 in the Carlisle Bay along south west tip of the island and is also a popular shipwreck in Barbados.

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