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Barbados Shopping Malls
"The Shops and Stores of Barbados"

With our wide variety of shops and Barbados shopping malls visiting shopaholics are extremely well catered for.  The shopping malls in Barbados offer a huge selection of quality goods that are well priced and quite often duty free.

There are plenty of shopping malls and centres spread out the island, so to help you plan your shopping trip I've decided the best thing to do is split this section up into three headings.  

Firstly I'll mention the shopping malls with the most stores and shops along the island's west coast where a large number of luxury resorts, hotels and villas are located.  Then I'll mention the shopping malls located along the island's south coast, the island's 2nd most popular coast to vacation on.

And finally every trip to Barbados should include a day of shopping in the island's I've listed some Barbados shopping malls in Bridgetown.

Ok let's get started....

Where Are The Shopping Malls on The West Coast of the Island?  

So you have chosen accommodation along the island's beautiful Platinum west coast, you are tired of just laying around on the beach and you want to go find some Barbados shopping malls so you can do some island shopping!  

The West Coast Mall in Holetown

The best and largest shopping mall on the west coast of Barbados for you to visit is the West Coast Mall in the village of Holetown.  Here you will find a Super Centre, a major supermarket chain, where you can doing your grocery shopping and this is also a great place to shop for beer, rum, wine and spirits as it is usually cheaper here than the gas stations and duty free shops.

You will also find branches of Diamonds International, a large jewelery store, and Cave Shepherd, a large duty free shopping mall in Barbados, at The West Coast Mall.  In this shopping mall you will also find a few gift shops, a bank, boutique style shops, a book store, internet cafe and several eateries here.

You will find The West Coast Mall just north of Sandy Lane Hotel and right next to the Chattel Village in the heart of Holetown.  You can easily walk to the West Coast Mall in Barbados if you choose to stay at one of the following hotels:
Sandy Lane Resort and Spa
Mango Bay Hotel
Sun Swept Hotel
The Almond Beach Club
Discovery Bay Hotel

Sunset Mall in Sunset Crest

The second Barbados shopping mall that you can visit on the west coast is the air conditioned Sunset Mall, a major Barbados shopping mall in the Sunset Crest area.  Just like the West Coast Mall you will find a branch of the large department store Cave Shepherd and a Diamonds International here.  There is also a Columbian Emeralds concession inside the mall here.

You can easily walk to the Sunset Shopping Mall in Barbados if you choose to stay at one of the following hotels:
Sandy Lane Resort and Spa
Mango Bay Hotel
Sun Swept Hotel
The Almond Beach Club

Lime Grove 

A new 10 acre shopping mall in Barbados is set to open in Holetown on the West coast during 2009. It will be called Lime Grove and is a multi-million dollar development that will include residential accommodation as well as luxury retail shopping units.   So if you are planning on vacationing near Holetown keep your eyes open for this new Barbados shopping experience!

Where Are The Barbados Shopping Malls On The South Coast?

There are also a number of shopping highlights along and around the south coast area of the island.  These include large scale shopping malls and stores, such as the Sheraton Centre, to strip malls containing a large number of shops, like Quayside Centre.

Sheraton Centre Shopping Mall

Sheraton Centre Barbados Shopping MallThe Sheraton Centre, in Christ Church, is one of the largest shopping malls in Barbados and is a few minutes drive from St. Lawrence Gap.  There are over 120 stores in this mall and you will find clothing, footwear, eyewear, electronics and household goods here.  

There is also a great food court offering local and international cuisine. This Barbados shopping mall is open until 9:00 pm from Monday until Saturday with most shops closed on Sundays. 

Quayside Centre

The Quayside Centre is one of the most popular shopping plaza's along the south coast of the island, located opposite Accra Beach Hotel in Rockley.  Many visitors stroll over to this shopping centre during their day at Accra Beach to see what the many shops and stores here have to offer.

One of the major highlights of Quayside Centre is a store called Lazy Days and Island Waves. This is a very popular surf / beachwear Barbados shop selling many major brands such as Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom and Hurley. You will also find several designer boutiques and a new ice cream parlour called Chilly Moos here.   In terms of groceries there is a small 99 Convenience Store in this shopping plaza where you can find frozen food items, toiletries and more.

You can easily walk to The Quayside Centre in Barbados if you choose to stay at one of the following hotels:
Accra Beach Hotel
Blue Horizon Apartment Hotel
Coral Mist Hotel
South Beach Resort and Vacation Club
Southern Surf Beach Apartment
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel

Hastings Plaza

Not far away from the Quayside Centre is Hastings Plaza, a similar Barbados strip mall with several duty free shops, a travel agency, shoe store and computer store.   If you have chosen to stay at the Allamanda Beach Hotel you will notice this shopping plaza directly across the street.

You can easily walk to The Hastings Plaza in Barbados if you choose to stay at one of the following hotels:

Allamanda Hotel
Accra Beach Hotel
Pirate Inn

Coconut Walk

Coconut Walk is located just outside of Bridgetown, between Quayside Centre and Hastings Plaza, and has a few small stores selling clothing, surf wear and much more.  Locals and visitors enjoy the classy nature of this Barbados strip mall. A popular store you may want to visit at Coconut Walk is NKM.  This store sells a variety of clothing from beach wear to designer clothing.

You can easily walk to Coconut Walk if you choose to stay at one of the following hotels:

Accra Beach Hotel
Allamanda Hotel
Blue Horizon Apartment Hotel
Coral Mist Hotel
South Beach Resort and Vacation Club
Southern Surf Beach Apartment
Pirate Inn

Where Are The Shopping Malls in Bridgetown, The Island's Capital?

No Barbados vacation should end with out a trip to the island capital of Bridgetown.  There are some excellent Barbados shopping malls for visitors to enjoy here and the best Barbados duty free shopping the island has to offer.  

Most of the major shopping malls in Bridgetown Barbados are located along a street known as Broad Street.  Broad Street isn't in really close walking distance from any hotels so you will either have to take your hotel's complimentary shuttle bus or drive your rental car to go shopping in Bridgetown Barbados.

DaCostas Mall on Broad Street

Da Costas Mall is a large shopping mall in Bridgetown that is home to exclusive stores such as Tiffany & Co. This Barbados shopping mall is situated inside the historic Colonnade Building, with about 30 stores as well as two excellent food courts. Around the mall you will see inspiring displays of local products which might give you ideas for gifts to take home with you! You can buy everything here from sweets & postcards to clothing, lingerie and accessories.

Cave Shepherd on Broad Street

The Cave Shepherd in Bridgetown is the largest department store on the island and has a major presence on Broad Street. Here you can find a range of duty free goods including glass, crystal, liquor and cosmetics. By the way ladies Cave Shepherd is the only official retailer of MAC cosmetics in Barbados : ).

Mall 34 on Broad Street

If DaCostas Mall and Cave Shepherd aren't enough shopping options for you then there is Mall 34.  Mall 34 is a Barbados mall with 22 shops, including a branch of the "Best of Barbados" gift shops, your go to souvenir store for visitors to the island.

No matter where you are staying, or what sort of Barbados shopping you would like to do, there are lots of malls and shopping centres to enjoy all around Barbados. Check with your hotel, as some offer free transportation to and from these Barbados shopping malls.

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