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Barbados Surf Report and Surf Forecast
"What is the Barbados surf like right now?"

If you are considering a Barbados surfing vacation then a Barbados surf report is the best way to find out if the waves are good.

Every traveling surfer wants to score great waves during their Barbados surf trip!

To get an accurate idea of how big the waves are going to be over the next week I recommend using a number of online Barbados surf reports and forecasts.

TIP: Optimally you are looking for a strong swell with long wave periods approaching the island with low onshore winds.

Surfline LOLA Barbados Surf Reports

Surfline Barbados Surf Report Firstly there is the surf forecast at Surfline , which I find to be the most informative.

This surf forecast provides you with up-to-date surf heights, offshore swell directions, swell sizes and swell periods affecting the island.

You can also view the current surf report for individual Barbados surf breaks including Duppies , Cattlewash , Soup Bowl , Parlour and Brandons .

Windguru 7-day Barbados Surf Forecast

Windguru Barbados Surf Forecast Once I have finished taking a look at the swells at Surfline I like to move on to the WindGuru Barbados surf forecast.

Windguru allows me to determine the strength of the wind and the direction it is blowing from. If the wind is blowing on shore and strong then the surf can be blown out. On the other hand if the wind is offshore you can expect good surf.

This is especially important when looking at surf spots on the island’s east coast such as Soup Bowl and Parlour, where strong onshore winds from the East and North East can blow out these spots.

Wetsand Barbados Surf Report

Wetsand Barbados Surfing ReportNow that you have an idea of the swell direction, swell size, wave height, wind speed and wind direction… I like to get an overall outlook of the swell activity affecting the entire Eastern Caribbean region.

I like the surf report at Wetsand for this as it will give you both a graphical and textual report of the swells affecting the Caribbean.

The graphical report, under the SwellWatch tab, allows you to step through the upcoming week, day by day, watching the change in swell height as the swell approaches the island.

Swell height is colour coded with blue and green being low-medium size surf of 1 – 7 feet and orange to purple being in the big to huge size of 10 – 30 foot surf.

If Barbados is engulfed in orange or higher I would start packing my board if I were you :).

The textual report, under the Report tab, gives you a precise 7 day outlook on swell direction, surf height and wave period report based on technical WaveWatchIII Data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Modeling Branch.

However be aware of the fact that this report is for the Eastern Caribbean and not just Barbados.

Magic Seaweed Barbados Surf Forecasts and Surf Reports

Magicseaweed Barbados Surf ReportNow if you thought this wasn’t enough you can also check out Magic Seaweed for surf reports of the following 4 surf spots in Barbados: Duppies , Sandy Lane , Soup Bowl and South Point

MagicSeaweed’s reports provide you with a wide range of surf swell data for these surf spots, and has a nice 1 – 5 star rating system of the current surf conditions.

Links to Additional Barbados Surf Reports and Forecast

So I personally find the above surf reports for Barbados to be the best and most informative but there are also some other great online surf reports and surf maps out there.

Here are a couple more that you may find helpful:

Barbados Wavewatch Surf Forecast WaveWatch - An Eastern Caribbean surf forecast provided by surf forecaster John Andres from the WaveWatch Team.

Barbados Surf Report Stormsurf StormSurf – A zoomed-in animated wave model of Barbados surf height.

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