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Barbados Surf Spots
"Tropical Waves For All"

There are over 15 Barbados surf spots and this is great news for the many traveling surfers that visit the island each year.

Both complete beginners and seasoned professionals will find that at least one of these Barbados surf breaks along the island's four coasts will accommodate their level of surfing.

Let's take a look at 14 popular yet different surf spots in Barbados...

South Coast Barbados Surf Spots

Of the four coasts of the island, the south coast is the most popular for a Barbados surfing vacation.

It is here that you will find excellent surf breaks for those who are complete beginners or at an intermediate level. For this reason, the majority of Barbados surf schools are based along this coast, with Barbados surf lessons being held at these surf breaks.

Freights Bay

The first Barbados surf spot that should be on any beginners list is Freights Bay. It is at this left hand point break that most beginners enjoy their first Barbados surfing experience.

Besides the consistent knee to chest high beginner surf, this surf break is home to many of the island's sea turtles who often come up for a breath of air next to the unsuspecting, yet pleasantly surprised, learner.

Freights Bay lies just minutes away from the town of Oistins and Miami Beach (Enterprise Beach) and is within 20 minutes driving distance from the majority of hotels along the island's south coast.

South Point

The next surf break to try is South Point which, as the name states, is located at the most southern tip of the island.

This left hand Barbados surf break is steps away from Freights Bay and offers the more intermediate to experienced surfer great surf conditions, often ranging from chest high to double overhead during the winter season. 

However those new to the sport should be cautious when deciding to surf here as the current can sometimes be underestimated.


Last but by no means the least is the popular Barbados surf spot; Brandons (sometimes referred to as Drill Hall).

Brandons is located just 10 minutes from the island's capital city of Bridgetown and is right next door to the Hilton Hotel Barbados, Amaryllis Beach Resort and Coconut Court.

This surf break accommodates surfers of all levels and can offer some very long peeling lefts. This surf spot is also steps away from the Dread or Dead Surf Shop in Hastings, Christ Church.


Very popular with beginners, Peebles is a rock break leading into a sandy beach break at the southwest corner of the island between Needham's Point and Carlisle Bay. 

On the very rare occassion that Freights Bay is not offering powerful enough waves for learners, usually due to a northerly or westerly swell affecting the island, surf lessons are held at this Barbados surf break.

This is a beautiful, white sand Barbados beach filled with fun water activities and is perfect for surfers travelling with their significant others who do not surf.  Plenty of sun tanning and beach fun!


East Coast Barbados Surf Spots

Facing the more lively Atlantic Ocean, surf spots in Barbados along the east coast offer advanced surfers the most consistent surf conditions, breaking throughout the year. It is also home to one of the most popular and renowned Caribbean surfing spots, The Soup Bowl.

The Soup Bowl

Barbados Surf Spots Soup BowlThe Soup Bowl Barbados is found in the quiet town of Bathsheba along the east coast of the island and is the most popular surf break for experienced and professional surfers visiting the island.

Soup Bowl has been featured in numerous surf magazines and videos, including Taylor Steele's Sipping Jetstreams, Campaign 2 and Taylor Knox's Arc.

The waves here break in a right hand direction, are often hollow at low tide and can reach as high as triple over head! There is also very strong currents here and combined with its size should not be underestimated by amateur or experienced surfers.

The best time to surf Soup Bowl is during a north swell when the wind is low.  As this is a very popular surf break the crowd can quite often be intense on good days but the incoming sets are frequent and can have up to 5 great waves.

High Rock

Also located along the East Coast is High Rock which is situated between the Soup Bowl and Parlor Barbados surf spots. This Barbados surf break offers both a left and right and gets surf on a variety of swells.

Similar to the Soup Bowl, the waves are usually quite hollow at low tide and the current can be very strong making High Rock best for the more advanced surfers.


Parlor is next door to the Soup Bowl and High Rock on the east coast and offers both consistent lefts and rights, however the right is more dominant. The waves here are often very fast and powerful and the water is quite deep. 

Advanced and intermediate surfers can expect the best waves when the incoming swell is from the north or north-east of the island with light wind blowing in a north-westerly direction. There is opportunity for long rides here and also occasional barrels on large swells when the wind is offshore.

Hazards to watch out for at Parlors include sharp rocks and strong currents and you will not want to get caught by the odd cleanup set!


Finally, Sandbank in the Cattlewash area on the eastern coast of Barbados is best for Barbados surfing between the months of July and November. You will find Sandbank to the north of Bathsheba. 

This is one of the only Barbados beach breaks along this coast of the island and breaks best when ground swells are coming in from the north-east of the island with the wind blowing from the south-west.

Sandbank offers both lefts and rights and surfers will find that this Barbados surf spot is great surf at all stages of the tide here.


West Coast Barbados Surf Spots

The West Coast of Barbados offers some spectacular Barbados surfing opportunities but it is much less reliable than the other areas of the island. The surf breaks are less consistent here and you may have to hunt them down, but once you find them they are absolute perfection! This is because these Barbados surf spots are very clean-faced as the perfect wave is created with the help of the consistent off-shore winds.

Batts Rock

Among the best Barbados surf spots on the West Coast of the island is Batts Rock which is about 10 minutes car ride north of the capital, Bridgetown. This is the first place to check for surf if there is a northern swell as you will almost be guaranteed waves here in this circumstance.

The wave direction is mostly to the left and the waves break in deep water, making it one of the safest places to surf on the island. This means that Batts Rock is great for surfers of all levels.

However if a very large north swell is hitting this surf break clean up sets are common and the hold downs can be long.


The Barbados surf spot of Tropicana is sometimes referred to as the "perfect goofy-foot surfer's paradise" as it offers hollow lefthand barrels.

This however is one of the shallowest and most dangerous surf breaks to be found on the island of Barbados as the waves break over a very sharp "fire" coral bottom which often sticks out of the water during low tide. 

If you do not make the drop and pull in the barrel you can be slammed on and drag across this coral reef bottom, resulting in cuts that burn like hell! Many unaware visiting surfers have experienced this and it is not something any surfer wants to happen to them.

For this reason it is deemed fit only for advanced surfers and it is highly advised that you do not surf here at low tide.

The lineup here also gets very crowded and it is best that you befriend the local surfers rather than battle for waves.  Once you show them respect you will get your share of barrels too!

Sandy Lane

Finally worth visiting on the western coast of the island is Sandy Lane Bay. This surf spot can be found easily and is located infront of the world renowned, luxurious Sandy Lane Hotel.

Sandy Lane offers a left hand reef break over coral leading into a sandy bay and is an excellent surf spot when there is west swell with a south, south-easterly or north-easterly wind.

Though a short ride, Sandy Lane is perfect for those surfers looking for an easy paddle out and an easy ride.  This Barbados surf break is also perfect for surfers travelling with their significant other as Sandy Lane Bay is one of the nicest and most beautiful Barbados beaches to tan and relax on.


North and NorthWest Barbados Surf Spots

The surf that can be found on the North and Northwest Coast of Barbados is excellent for those who are extremely advanced or even compete at a professional level. Below are some of the best spots on this stretch of the island that will prove enjoyable locations for surfers of this aptitude.


Maycocks is located in the north-western side of the island and is about 10 minutes north of the luxurious area of Port St. Charles. Surfers will find that the wind tends to be consitently off-shore at Maycocks and the spot is protected by a cliff.

This is a right hand reef break that breaks over coral rocks and it is best when there is a northern swell affecting the island. This Barbados surf spot sometimes barrels at low tide and the rides can seem to go on forever!

Many surfers rate Maycocks as a regular footers dream as it is just you, the waves and a deserted white sandy beach - perfect!


The surf spot known as Duppies is usually compared to the Parlor surf break in terms of its size and power. Duppies can be found between Maycocks and North Point on the north-western side of the island.

The waves here break very far offshore, mainly in a right hand direction, making for a very, very long paddle out but very long rides.  Duppies is best during a north swell when there is a northerly offshore wind.

There is a coral bottom here but the water is so deep that you need not worry about hitting the reef. However the current can be extremely strong and is therefore recommended to be surfed by only intermediate and advanced surfers.

North Point

Finally, not to be missed on the northern coast of Barbados is North Point, which can be found off of Highway 1C at the very tip of the island.

North Point is an exposed reef that is noted for having fairly consistent surf. Surfers will find that there is a mixture of groundswells and wind swells at this Barbados surf spot making for some very tricky waves.

North Point offers both lefts and rights as well as a right breaking reef with the best surf occuring when they are north-easterly swells.

Barbados Surf Spots Quick Facts

• No. of Surf Breaks: Over 15 different surf spots including reef and sandy bays.

• Best Surf Spot On The Island: Soup Bowl, Bathsheba

• Most Consistent Coast: The east coast

• Surf Videos Featuring Barbados: Campaign 2, Sipping Jetstreams, Arc, Lost Across America Vol. I

• Best Surf Spots For Beginners: Freights Bay and Peebles Beach along the south coast.

• Best Surf Spots For Intermediate Surfers: South Point and Brandons along the south coast.

• Best Surf Spot For Advanced Surfers: Soup Bowl along the east coast.

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