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Barbados Surfing
"Where can I find great surf on the island?"

Barbados surfing is the most consistent surf in the Caribbean, receiving swells all year round. 

The majority of visitors come here for the beautiful sun and sand...

But after spending many of your days in Barbados being lazy on the beach, I can’t think of a better way for you to have some added fun than taking a surf lesson!

Surfing in Barbados is fun for everyone regardless of their experience with beginner size waves at Freights Bay on the south coast…

Barbados Surfing Freights Bay

To heavy, overhead coral reef breaks such as Soup Bowl on the east.

Barbados Surfing Soup Bowl

From September thru February the surf averages 4 to 5 feet reaching as high as 12 feet due to the consistent winter swells. During the summer months the surf is smaller and less predictable ranging anywhere from 2 to 3 feet. Surf during this time of year is usually determined by how active the hurricane season is.

Barbados Surfing Swell Chart

As tropical storms pass well north of the island on their way to Florida, Barbados can receive some of the largest ground swells this time of the year while maintaining its beautiful climate. However Atlantic storm watching and precise timing is crucial to scoring this kind of summer Barbados surf.

So if you are an avid surfer looking to score some great surf in Barbados you should plan your vacation around the winter season.

The average water temperature in Barbados is 80 degrees. The lowest temperature you should expect to experience is about 77 degrees in winter.

Barbados Surfing Water Temperature

So remember to leave your wetsuit at home because you will only need boardshorts and a bar of tropical wax for Barbados surfing!

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