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Barbados Telecommunications
"Stay Connected With Loved Ones"

The current Barbados telecommunications system is an extensive and modern one, as well as highly accessible for all. This includes telephone land lines, mobile cellphone services and broadband internet access.  

Therefore those wishing to visit and spend their holidays on this beautiful Caribbean island, should rest assured that they will be in touch with their home country.

In fact, Barbados is ranked as one of the most wired countries in the world, when you evaluate the amount of Internet and telephones available and usage, compared to the population.

For over two hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants of this relatively small Caribbean island, over 55% readily had access to the World Wide Web by 2007 and is now common in most household.

It is a similar story when it comes to Barbados telephone and mobile phones.


Barbados Telephone Services

Barbados has both a wired landline telephone system, as well as a wireless telephone system.

Barbados Telecommunications Hotel TelephoneLIME, formerly Cable and Wireless Barbados, dominate the Barbados landline telephone service. This telephone service is islandwide and allows for both local and overseas calling.  Access to telephone services are therefore readily available to holidaymakers and visitors to the island.

Practically every hotel and villa on the island provides guests with landline phones, to enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones back home in the United Kingdom, or throughout the world.

It is, however, important to mention that international calls made from Barbados on a landline or mobile phone are almost always at an extra charge. Also, some prepaid cell phones do have global SIM cards that can allow you to make calls, but you would have to check with your plan. It is therefore prudent to check with your hotel or villa before you start talking to relatives back home when on your Barbados vacation.

The one thing that is guaranteed to spoil your holiday is to be faced with a huge extra bill when you check out.


Barbados Mobile Phone Services

Telecommunications in Barbados Mobile CellularUnderstandably, there are less mobile service providers in Barbados than there are in North American and European countries but your mobile network needs are still well catered for.

There are currently two major competing mobile service providers in Barbados. These two providers are LIME, formerly Cable and Wireless Barbados, and Digicel Barbados.

The former is also the provider of the landline telephone service in Barbados as mentioned above, while Digicel is a more recent competitor in the mobile phone service industry.

Both of these mobile services provide roaming for visitors to connect to overseas locations, using their current mobile provider’s roaming features.

Many villa owners also provide their guests with a mobile Barbados phone with which you can make local calls for free, for the duration of their trip to Barbados.  You should check for this when you arrive.


Barbados Internet Services

Another way to maintain contact and keep yourself up to date is through the Internet. You can gain access to your emails, social networking activities and news services through the Iinternet in Barbados.

Barbados InternetThis is especially important for those that can never quite switch off when they are supposed to be on holiday!

Barbados is certainly not behind where the internet is concerned and you can enjoy the use of wireless and ADSL Internet lines. These are all high speed broadband lines with anything up to 4Mbps and connection is readily available on the island.

There are currently 2 Internet service providers.  These are Lime (Cable and Wireless Barbados) and Sunbeach.

You don't need to go far to find internet access in Barbados. You may not even have to leave your hotel or villa for Internet access.

Many hotels provide wireless Internet access, either from an ADSL socket in your guest room or in a designated internet usage area or lobby, often equipped with Wi-fi. Many villas also come equipped with free Internet access but it is advisable to enquire before booking.

There are also many Internet cafés throughout the island, where you can log online for a fee.

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