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Barbados Tourist Attractions
"Monkeys, Turtles and Tours!"

Yes there are Barbados tourist attractions for you to enjoy on the island.

Many people may think that Barbados is all about sun and beaches and to be honest, you cannot deny that this is a real pulling factor for visitors to the island.

But there really is just so much more to Barbados than this alone.

What Tourist Attractions in Barbados Have To Offer You

In short, Barbados has just about every conceivable type of tourist attraction that you could ever think of. The island is geared-up for this market and as it has had many year’s worth of experience in this game, it will not fail to please you.

From natural Barbados tourist attractions which were very kindly donated to the island by Mother Nature herself, to full-on adrenaline packed adventures.  I'm going to give you a tantalising taste of just some of the many types of attractions you can see and do in this part of the Eastern Caribbean.

Mother Nature At Her Absolute Best!

Tourist Attractions in BarbadosWhatever natural forces people believe went into making this World of ours, it is definitely fair to say that plenty of attention was spared when the island of Barbados was created.

Like much of the Caribbean in general, Barbados is no exception in that there are several natural attractions that really must be seen to be believed whilst you’re holidaying on the island.

Barbados has managed to retain plenty of areas of natural interest and this is especially the case when you take the time to visit the Barbados wildlife reserve, swamp nature reserves and gullies that are prevalent on the island.

Such a trip is often a welcome departure from the more touristy areas and it will give you a strong insight into how life could be if it were not for man’s inhabitancy of the area.

Along with these Barbados tourist attractions there are even some natural cave systems that can be visited while you are in Barbados and these can be exceptionally impressive. The most notably of these is Harrison's Cave,

The sub-tropical climate of this part of the World is used to excellent effect with the establishment of some beautiful botanical and flower gardens on the island. Here you will be able to glimpse some amazingly colourful species of flora that your climate would never permit back home.

Cruises And Boat Tours in Barbados

As this tiny Caribbean nation is completely surrounded by the sea, this provides you with some excellent opportunities to really get out there and enjoy. Barbadians are fiercely proud of their affinity with the sea and this is reflected through the fact that you can enjoy any type of activity that is centred around it.

Swim With Sea Turtles in Barbados AttractionsSailing in Barbados is a definite way of life for some lucky locals and there’s absolutely nothing to stop you trying your hand at this serenely tranquil activity.

You can even get into the water yourself and snorkel or scuba dive among the coral reefs that encircle the island.

You will find a number of shipwrecks to explore, some of which have been more strategically placed to provide you with the very best diving experience.
There are one or two locations where it is also possible to swim with turtles in Barbados and this is one experience that would most definitely remain fondly in your memory for many years to come.  

If you love to fish, you’re going to be spoilt on the island of Barbados as there are several companies that arrange these deep sea fishing in barbados trips for you. There are plenty of other cruise companies too which will enable you to view the island in any way you like. This would even extend to the fun-loving party cruisers.

Other Ways To Tour The Island

The north and east coasts of the island are far more remote than the south and west. This is ideal exploring territory and you’ve probably already guessed it, there are plenty of companies that are able to show you these corners of Barbados.  

The Island Safari Barbados Tourist AttractionThe most popular way to enjoy sightseeing in Barbados is aboard an island safari tour.

If you don't want to take the rugged route, you can choose to take a helicopter tour of the island instead and familiarise yourself with a bird’s eye view of even more of this unique Caribbean nation.

Barbados is famous for its submarine tours and when you contemplate the vast amount of sea life there is around these shores you will soon see why.

Such a trip is well worth taking the time to enjoy and you are guaranteed to really lose yourself in this awesome experience.  These deep sea dives are aboard the state of the art 65 foot long Barbados Atlantis Submarine.

Learn more about the various Barbados tours you can enjoy during your vacation.

Historic Barbados Tourist Attractions

St Nicholas Abbey Plantation House Barbados Even though these types of Barbados tourist attractions aren't for everyone there is so much history to the island of Barbados that it is no suprise that many visitors frequent these monumental landmarks.

If you love to find out the past of the destinations you travel to then take time to visit the old churches, signal stations and lookouts, which are strewn across the island.

And don't forget the old plantation houses and rum distilleries that reveal just how important the sugar and rum industries were to this community in the past.

Wherever your interests lie, Barbados will always have something that is going to appeal to you. As we’ve already established, this island is the expert in pleasing and appealing to tourists and few other destinations could ever compete with such professionalism.

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