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Barbados Tours
"Enjoying The Sites and Scenes Of The Island"

There are a variety of Barbados tours that you can enjoy during your Barbados vacation. A scenic Barbados tour is definitely the best way to see the entire island as they are usually accompanied by a local guide who will bring the history of island to life and help to create wonderful memories of your trip to Barbados.

Some of the different types of tours available for the more adventurous include island safari tours, hiking tours, horse riding and diving tours. There are plenty of reputable specialist operators who are able to offer you this type of day out!


Barbados Island Tours & Scenic Barbados Tours

Barbados island tours and scenic Barbados tours would be a great way to take in some of the best sights of the island.

Barbados ToursThese include sights such as Harrison's Cave, an impressive subterranean network of limestone caves, pools and streams which is one of the leading attractions on the island, Welchman Hall Gully, a virtually unspoiled area of forest where you can discover a wide range of tropical plants, the East Coast Road, a significant stretch of coastal road and home to the unique Scotland District, the Barbados Flower Forest, a 50 acre botanical garden, the Wildlife Reserve, home of the island’s Green Monkeys, the Banks Brewery, home of the island’s refreshing lager and the island’s capital Bridgetown to take in the old colonial history and local character.

There are also sightseeing tours in Barbados which will take you to explore the National Trust properties on the island featuring island most historic homes. These tours are called Barbados Open House Tours and generally last for half the day, with a coach being your main mode of transport. You will generally be picked up from your hotel and dropped off there at the end of your day out.

There are a number of operators who organize island tours and scenic tours in Barbados offering half-day and full-day tours, and they can all vary slightly in their itineraries.


Barbados Helicopter Tours

For a bird’s eye view of the island during your vacation in Barbados, you just can't beat a helicopter tour. This allows you to see things from the air not visible from land or sea and usually include the option for sunset and champagne tours.

You can take fantastic photos or video and look out for places you have see from the ground but want to experience from the air. It is truly the experience of a lifetime. A typical helicopter tour would last around 20 to 30 minutes, don't forget your video camera so you can share your trip with friends and family when you get home! 


Barbados Rum Tours

Barbados is the home of Rum, so it is only natural to take a rum tour whilst on the island! A typical visit to a rum distillery would include a tour of the facilities during which you will learn about the rum-making process followed by the best bit - rum tasting! All of these distilleries offer the opportunity to purchase rum souvenirs to take home with you to remind you of your visit to the birthplace of this "liquid gold".

There are two rum distilleries on the island which offer tours. Four Square Rum Factory and Heritage Park in the parish of St.Phillip offering a guided tour of the rum factory and the Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre, offering a 45 minute tour of the home of Mount Gay rum which has been in production for about 300 years.

There is also the Cockspur Beach Club and Visitor Centre where you can learn about rum, sample rum and then relax on the beach.


Barbados Boat Tours and Barbados Catamaran Tours

Exploring Barbados by boat is a popular way to see the island. There are a wide variety of tours available from small intimate catamaran trips to big party boats and pirate ships such as the Jolly Roger. Most of the catamaran boat trips will stop to give you the opportunity to snorkel and swimming with the island’s sea turtles.

There is also the Atlantis Submarine Barbados which will take you to see the coral reefs off of the West coast of the island. Your tour starts with a cruise out to the location of the submarine, which, once you are settled aboard, will take you to depths of 150 feet below the ocean’s surface where you will be able to view the beautiful coral and sea life through the windows of the submarine. 

All of these types of Barbados tours take place regularly throughout the year and accommodation pickups are generally available from most hotels. It is always wise to use a reputable tour company so check with your hotel or holiday representative before you book.

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