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Barbados Vacation Packages
"Finding the right vacation packages to Barbados for you"

Finding cheap vacation packages to Barbados

Regardless of the type of Barbados vacation packages out there everyone wants theirs to be cheap…

Thankfully the Internet has made this easy and hassle free.  There are many websites advertising discount packages at great prices.  The two most popular websites are and

Both of these sites allow you to compare package deals and getaways from hotels throughout the island.

And once you find the Barbados hotel that offers a travel package that best suites you and your family, your vacation in Barbados becomes just a few clicks away.

Learn more about Cheap Vacation Packages To Barbados 

What to look for when choosing your vacation package to Barbados

When searching for Barbados vacation packages here are some tips and questions want to consider…

• First find a nice Barbados hotel for you and your family. 

• Is this hotel on the south coast or the west coast of the island?

• How near to the beach is this hotel?

• Is this a family hotel or a boutique / intimate hotel?

• Does this Barbados hotel have good reviews?

• Check to see if your vacation package includes meals or not.

• Do I want to spend money dining out every night?

• Do I want to cook while I’m in Barbados?

  • • Check to see if your package includes any activities you may be interested in. 

• Do you want to swim with sea turtles, scuba dive or maybe play golf?

• Decide if the price of your vacation package is right.

• An all inclusive vacation package will be more expensive than a European plan vacation package.

• Packages that include attractions, such as water sports and golf, will also be more expensive.

• Remember you may have to sacrifice convenience for price!

Barbados Vacation Packages offered by Airline Companies

Barbados Vacation Packages Airlines
Many of us have our favourite airlines that we like to travel with whether it be because of their reliable service or their great air miles plan.

Air Jamaica vacations, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and Air Canada all offer their own vacation package deals to Barbados.

Learn more about taking a Barbados airline vacation

All Inclusive Barbados Vacation Packages

These Barbados travel packages typically include all your meals, drinks and quite often other activities, such as water sports and golf, within the price of your accommodation.

Barbados hotels offer these deals as a way to help relieve visitors from having to eat out every night during their vacation.

These travel deals are also quite common during Spring Break and March Break, allowing students on a tight budget to take a trip to a tropical island.

European Plan Barbados Vacation Packages

However some visitors like to have the freedom of eating out rather than being committed to the food their hotel has to offer.

If that sounds like you then a European Plan Barbados travel package might be the best for you since these Barbados vacation specials do not include meals.

Barbados Family Vacation Packages

Hotels and airline companies know that a Caribbean family vacation will include airline tickets and hotel accommodation for 3 or more family members.

By bundling these into a family vacation package allows these companies to lower their prices and still make a profit.

This leads to the greatest benefit for your family –> SAVINGS!

Barbados Honeymoon Packages and Wedding Packages

Barbados Wedding Vacation Packages
Barbados is very popular for honeymooners, this includes honeymooning movie stars and athletes.

The most popular couple to be wed in Barbados are Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegen.

There must be a reason they chose this Caribbean island : ).
Learn more about Barbados honeymoon packages and wedding packages in Barbados

Barbados Golf Vacation Packages

Barbados Golf Vacation Packages
Some Barbados hotels include golf in their vacation packages.

With 7 golf courses to choose from these are great packages for those of you who want to get in a round of golf during your trip.

Barbados Timeshare Vacation Packages

Barbados Timeshare Vacation PackagesIf you are willing to attend a sales presentation, you can often enjoy a few days at a luxury Barbados timeshare resort free of charge.  These resorts usually offer a range of on-site amenities including swimming pools, golf and scuba diving.  Alternatively, you can find great deals on timeshare rentals by booking a suite through a current owner.

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