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Barbados Wedding Requirements
"What You Need To Know Before You Wed in Barbados"

The Barbados wedding requirements for couples planning on getting married in Barbados are really simple and straightforward, which makes Barbados a great destination to choose if you are wish to get married in the Caribbean. You can get married pretty much anywhere on the island, giving you a wide choice of venues to choose from and you can get married almost immediately. 

Is There An Age Restriction For Getting Married in Barbados?

Even though this island welcomes engaged couples and those looking to wed in this Caribbean island, the legal marriage requirements in Barbados require that both parties are over the age of 16. Also if either of you are under the age of 18, then you must have parental consent with both parents being present at the time of applying for the wedding license in Barbados.

How Do I Obtain a Barbados Marriage License?

It is necessary to obtain a marriage license in order to get married in Barbados, but this is very easy to obtain. Marriage licenses are issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is found on the fifth floor of the General Post Office in Cheapside, just on the outskirts of Bridgetown. In order to obtain this Barbados marriage license you must apply for one, which can be done Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 3:30pm. The office is closed during the weekends and on public holidays.  

If you chose a wedding package in Barbados or the services of a Barbados wedding planner you will be guided through this process and are often provided with complimentary private roundtrip transfer to and from the licensing office.  

What Documents Do I Require To Obtain A Barbados Marriage License?

If this is the first time both of you are getting married then in order to obtain a marriage license the only documents you will need to present are your valid passport and birth certificate in person, with photographic ID.  If you do not have original copies of your birth certificate certified photo copies will do to fulfill these Barbados wedding requirements.

Barbados Wedding RequirementsHowever if either of you have been married before a copy of your decree absolute is necessary and  for those who have been widowed your  previous marriage certificate and the death certificate of your former spouse is also required.

If one of you happens to be adopted your adoption certificate must be presented.

These documents should all be in English but if not you will need to present translations of them which have been certified by a Notary Public.

If either of you have changed your name by Deed Poll, you will need to provide a copy of this as well, and finally, you will need a letter from the celebrant who will be performing the ceremony.  This should be a religious official or magistrate.

During the application process each party will need to provide all of their personal details such as name, home address, date of birth and occupation.

If you are having a civil wedding ceremony, the letter from the magistrate must be obtained from the district court of the parish in which you are to be married, which is where you will need to return after the wedding license has been issued in order for the marriage to be registered.

Now on to what is very important aspect of the Barbados wedding requirements which I'm sure you are curious about, the cost!...... 

How Much Will a Barbados Marriage License Cost?

Well guess what!..It really doesn't cost that much to get married in Barbados as the license fee is low and it is often already included in your Barbados wedding package.

If both of you are non-Barbadian residents / non-citizen then the marriage fee is a total of BDS$225 / approx. USD$113 ( BDS$200 plus stamp duty of BDS$25)

However if either of you is a Barbadian citizen or resident of Barbados the marriage fee is a total of BDS$55 / approx USD$28 (BDS$45 plus stamp duty of BDS$10).  This fee must be paid in cash.

How Long Will I Have To Wait Before Getting Married in Barbados?

Once you have been issued a marriage license the Barbados wedding requirements allow to you to get married right away...There is no legal requirement to wait and your marriage ceremony can go ahead as soon as the couple wishes.

What Are The Barbados Wedding Requirements For A Traditional Church Wedding?

A religious ceremony in Barbados requires a few extra documents to fulfill the Barbados wedding requirements for your specific religion.  Here is the additional paper work you will need to provide for an Anglican and Roman Catholic wedding in Barbados.

Wedding Requirements For An Anglican Barbados Wedding

For Anglican services, this will include baptism certificates, a letter from your pastor or vicar is needed to show that you have undergone pre-marital counselling. In the case of those who have been divorced, a copy of the divorce pleadings is mandatory.

Wedding Requirements For A Roman Catholic Barbados Wedding

If you are planning a Roman Catholic ceremony, you must provide... 

• A Pre-Marital Enquiry which has been signed by both the bride and groom 

• Baptismal certificates issued within the previous six months stating that both parties are free to marry 

• A statement of Freedom to Marry signed by the bride and groom's parish priest 

• A certificate of participation in a pre-marriage programme

• A dispensation from the Bishop of the Diocese in the case of a mixed marriage 

• A death certificate or declaration of nullity if either party has been married before

• Testimonial letters from the Bishop and a record of confirmation

When Will I Receive My Barbados Marriage Certificate?

Barbados Marriage CertificateA few days after the wedding, you will be able to obtain your marriage certificate from the Registry Department in Bridgetown. The officiate who performs your ceremony will file your information there after the wedding, and your certificate will then be prepared by the department ready for your collection. 

There is a small fee for the marriage certificate to be issued and is also dependent on your citizenship.  If neither of you is a citizen of Barbados a fee of BDS$20 is required for the marriage certificate.  However if one of you is a Barbadian citizen the fee is only BDS$10.

The Registry Department is open from Monday to Friday, with applications for marriage certificates accepted between 8.30am and 3.30pm. Don't worry if you are going to be leaving Barbados before the certificate is ready since it can easily be sent to your home address upon request. 

If it is easier for you, you can also complete and mail in the application forms to the Registry Department.  Just include a Money Order for the processing fee, made out to "The Registrar of The Supreme Court" and a self addressed envelope with return postage and mail it to the following address:

The Registrar of the Supreme Court
Registration Department,
Coleridge Street,
St. Michael.


Can I Get A Wedding Planner in Barbados To Take Care Of These Barbados Wedding Requirements For Me?

Don't worry if all of this seems like a lot to think about, when you are planning the most important day in your life! Your hotel, tour operator, or a professional Barbados wedding planner will be able to help you organise all of the relevant paperwork and will help you ensure that you fulfill all of these necessary Barbados wedding requirements.

So start making arrangements and lets ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and without a hitch!  

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