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The Barbados Wildlife Reserve 

"Green Monkeys And Caribbean Wildlife"

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is one of the most popular natural attractions on the island, set among the northern hills in the parish of St. Peter. As far as the north of this island is concerned, it’s about as far inland as you can get.

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For shear entertainment value, this animal reserve is a treat for adults and children alike and it is a welcome break from the hot days spent by the pool or beach.

I would just like to clear up something before we dive into what this Barbados tourist attraction has to offer.  

I have notice that a number of visitors are mistakenly calling this attraction "The Barbados Wildlife Preserve".

An understandable error of course but I would just like to make sure you guys have it right before you visit this lovely attraction.  

So it is "Reserve" not Preserve. Ok now lets proceed with the good stuff...the details! : ) 

What Does The Barbados Wildlife Reserve Have To Offer?

Barbados Green Monkey Wildlife ReserveThe Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a great barbados tourist attraction to keep the entire family entertained for the whole day.

This animal reserve is open almost every day of the year from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with the last entry to the park at 4:00 pm.

Once inside the reserve you’re going to be quite taken back by the way in which they have organised this attraction.

This mahogony woodland opened as a primate research center in 1985 and whilst it is very similar to a zoo, the wildlife reserve in Barbados does go one step further by allowing you to walk amongst the free-roaming animals far more easily.

Cages are only used to protect visitors from the slightly more dangerous animal exhibits here.

If you are looking for an insight into what the wildlife of Barbados would have looked like in the past, this reserve provides you with this unique opportunity.

The exhibitions include a walk-through aviary where you will view the colourful parrots, flamingos and several other equally magnificently plumed birds.

You will also spot the colorfully feathered peacocks roaming throughout the reserve or maybe perched on a tree branch nearby.

Barbados Peacock at The Wildlife ReserveUndoubtedly the main attraction that everyone is so keen to see in the reserve is the famous Green Monkeys.

These mischievous monkeys definitely know what side their bread is buttered as they use the wildlife reserve as a guaranteed refreshment stop on a daily basis.

The best time to catch these cute primates is around 2:00 pm, which is their feeding time. Other times of the day they leave the reserve to wreak havoc in other parts of the island.

Other attractions include a reptile house where you can glimpse iguanas, snakes, turtles and tortoises...but don’t worry as these are safely tucked away in cages for you.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve also includes some animal exhibits which are not indigenous to the island. This extends to armadillos, the brocket deer and even some caimans, which are closely related to alligators and found not too far away on the South American continent.

The reserve has all the facilities you could ever need and this includes a dedicated restaurant where you can take a well earned lunch break.

How Do I Get To This Animal Reserve?

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is on the opposite side of the island from the main tourist resorts, although there are some resorts quite close by in the Speightstown area, the nearest town to the attraction.

Your best bet is to hire a car while on the island and include this top Barbados tourist attraction as one of your stops.

It’s only around a 20 minute drive from the island capital of Bridgetown and it is really quite easy to find. Located in the Farley Hill region of the northern parish of St. Peter, it is literally just across the road from the Farley Hill National Park.

For even more convenience, Island Safari Tours and The Best of Barbados Tour include the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in their itinerary and the entrance fee will be completely taken care of for you. This is a popular way of getting to the reserve for many visitors to the island.

How Much Does It Cost?

Visit The Wildlife Reserve in BarbadosConsidering you can have a full day’s worth of entertainment, the entrance fee to the wildlife reserve in Barbados is more reasonable than you might think.

At just $23.00 Barbados dollars this works out at about $12.00 USD. Children are half price and as an added bonus, this fee permits you entrance to The Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station attraction.

This is effectively two Barbados attractions for the price of one and an additional insight into the flora and fauna of this gorgeous Caribbean island.

All-in-all, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is not just an ordinary day trip to the zoo, it is much more special than that. This is because every effort has been made to give visitors the impression that they are as close to nature as possible.

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