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Barbados Windsurfing
"Where Caribbean Wind and Sail Become One"

Barbados windsurfing is just another one of the popular watersports pursuits, enjoyed by both visitors and residents.

Barbados WindsurfingThere are numerous spots all over the island which are great for this type of exciting and adrenaline-pumping water activity, with Silver Sands Beach and Silver Rock Beach being the most popular.

There are two very important things for windsurfing to be guessed it....Wind and Surf and we've got both!

Due to the island’s location with the Atlantic Ocean to its east, ocean swells are able to travel thousands of kilometres, becoming increasingly powerful, eventually breaking off of the coastline of the island.

This is thanks to the island being surrounded by nearshore and offshore coral reefs, providing a range of Barbados windsurfing conditions for enthusiasts to enjoy.

With the addition of favourable, highly consistent trade winds, Barbados is one of the greatest Caribbean islands to windsurf.


Best Beaches for Windsurfing in Barbados

Silver Sands Beach and Silver Rock Beach, along this Caribbean island’s south coast, are considered to be the two best beaches for windsurfing in Barbados.

Barbados Windsurfing at Silver Rock BeachThe winds are consistent here, allowing windsurfers and kitesurfers to reach speeds of up to 50 knots.

There is a variety of wave conditions at Silver Sands and Silver Rock Beach, which means that it is challenging for veterans, while being forgiving for novices.

Silver Sands Beach is recognised as one of the best spots for advanced windsurfing, having been given a skill rating of around six. There is a great reef about 300 yards off the coast of this beach, offering experienced windsurfers 10+ foot sets.

Silver Rock Beach offers forgiving conditions near to shore, as well as an outer reef, 100 yards off shore, with larger swells. It is also home to The Waterman Festival held in February of each year, showcasing this Barbados sport and some of the best windsurfers from around the world.

Although you can surf at any time of the year here, many veterans state that windsurfing at Silver Sands Beach and Silver Rock Beach is best done between the months of April and November.

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Windsurfing Lessons in Barbados

You do not need be able to windsurf before you visit the island of Barbados.

De Action Shop Windsurfing in BarbadosThere are plenty of opportunities to learn how to windsurf in Barbados so that you too can venture out onto the waves of our coastlines.

In the south of the island next to the renowned Silver Sands Beach you will find Silver Rock Beach, which I mentioned above.

The stretch of sand and surf here is very popular with windsurfers but its greatest feature is that it is a suitable location for complete novices to learn how to windsurf in Barbados.

Silver Rock is a white sand beach, about 1/8 miles in length, and it is here that the De Action Shop can be found.

The De Action Shop is a hive of watersport activity, including windsurfing and kitesurfing,  and is a popular destination for resident windsurfers and visitors.

The advantage of the location of the De Action shop is that it allows complete beginners to learn to windsurf in Barbados at one of the most favourable beaches.

Barbados Windsurfer Brian TalmaThis shop is owned and run by Brian Talma, undoubtedly one of the most famous and competent windsurfers in the world.

Brian started surfing at the tender age of eleven, picked up windsurfing in 1983, and went on to represent the island in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Brian has toured the world to promote windsurfing in Barbados and the island as a great Caribbean travel destination for watersports enthusiasts.

The Barbados Tourism Authority made him an official Barbados Ambassador in 2003.

Thus, if you are looking to learn how to windsurf, Brian Talma is the best man for the job.

Windsurfing lessons are available by visiting the De Action shop whilst you are on your vacation in Barbados. They can offer lessons for absolute beginners and will always go at a comfortable pace that suits you.

There is the option of staying within the confines of the reef at Silver Rock if you do not wish to tackle the outer waves. This is where your first Barbados windsurf lesson will take place.

There is a whole relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere which makes for a pleasant experience at Talma's shop. Indeed, Brian is known as the “Irieman”, with irie being described as “a heartfelt inner sensation”, which coupled with the power of the waves helps you achieve a natural high.

If you already have some experience of windsurfing but would like to improve your skills further, De Action shop also offers Barbados windsurfing lessons and rentals for windsurfers that are already classed as intermediate and advanced.

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