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Cable and Wireless Barbados
"Landline Internet Mobile Entertainment"

Cable and Wireless BarbadosCable and Wireless Barbados offers a range of Barbados telecommunications products and services to the residents of the island.

These services currently include local & international telephone landlines, Internet/ADSL provision under the name Caribsurf, mobile phone & wireless technological solutions including Blackberry services and television-based services.

Cable and Wireless is one of the world's largest telecommunications providers in the world, spanning the UK, the United States of America, continental Europe, Asia, Panama and most of the former British colonies in the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, Cable and Wireless changed their brand name to LIME in 2008.

The name is a clever acronym with the initials standing for Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment. This re-branding covers the company's 13 Caribbean subsidiaries, including Barbados.


Cable and Wireless Barbados Landline Phone Service

In terms of landline communication, there are several packages available for customers offering a variety of services.

Cable and Wireless Barbados LimeCustomers can have a Barbados telephone package which includes call waiting, voicemail facilities, caller ID, 3 way calling and busy call return.

Calls to other local landlines and mobile phones are free of charge.

However the company is big on being able to provide their landline phone customers with savings in terms of making calls to international numbers, with these types of calls attracting a discount.


Cable and Wireless Barbados Internet Service

The company also provides great Internet access for the residents of the island under the name Caribsurf. The Internet offered is broadband ADSL, comparable to that of North America and Europe.

Caribsurf Cable and Wireless BroadbandThere are several packages on offer with minimum/maximum upload and download limits, web storage and provided e-mail address.

There is a Mega Suite of packages availble to residential customers, with a Premier Suite available to business customers. There are also addition features, such as Content Filtering available.

Customer support for all internet services is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free of charge.


Cable and Wireless Barbados Mobile Phone Service

Customers can choose from a range of mobile phone handsets.  These include various models of Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony mobile phones.

There are are several call rate plans and bundles, including both Prepaid and Postpaid plans, with facilities such as Roaming, caller ID, call forward, call waiting and voicemail.

They also offer a Rewards points program, allowing customers to redeem points for American Airlines Advantage miles. They are even as up-to-date as other businesses, offering services for the Blackberry.

Currently there is no provision for entertainment services such as cable television. But it is the company’s aim to provide these services to the island of Barbados in the future.

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