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Charter Flight To Barbados
"Where can I find charter flights to Barbados?"

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Taking a charter flight to Barbados is quite often the cheapest option when traveling to the island.

These charter flights to Barbados fly during specific times which are separate from regular scheduled flights.

Advantages of Barbados charter flights

There are many benefits of Barbados charter flights over regular scheduled Barbados flights….

• Cheaper

The greatest perk of Barbados charter flights is that they are cheaper than regular flights.

• No stop overs

As most charter flights are geared towards travelling to one specific destination they are usually direct flights to Barbados.

Vacation in Barbados

Disadvantages of Barbados charter flights

However there are also a number of disadvantages to choosing a charter flight to Barbados…

• Reduced comfort

Many charter flights to Barbados are aboard smaller airbuses with tighter seating and are generally at full capacity before they will depart. This can make your flight an uncomfortable one. Many of these flights also do not offer the usual flight perks such as “a meal and a movie”.

• Cancellations due to lack of occupancy

In order to maintain their low airfare, charter flights must be full or almost full before they will departure. This may lead to cancellations. However many charter flights will lower their fares in order to reach max capacity. You can use this to your advantage by purchasing your ticket as close to the departure date as possible.

• Cancellation and refund policies

Most charter flights have strict cancellation penalties and may even lack refund policies. Therefore if you choose to purchase a charter flight to Barbados you will not want to back out of your trip.

• Unexpected flight cancellation

Airline companies are allowed to cancel their charter flights up to 10 days before departure for any reason, however in these cases a refund will be issued.

• No frequent flyer miles

Charter flights generally do not offer frequent flyer miles

It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of taking a charter flight to Barbados and determine if it is worth it.

Vacation in Barbados

Charter Flights From The UK To Barbados

Airtours UK and Trans Island Air 2000 offer the cheapest charter flights to the Caribbean. Many of these flights are aboard Excel Airways.

Airtours UK also offers the option to prebook your seat and add a meal to your flight for a small extra fee. Travel insurance aboard most of their flights is an option.

British Midland Airway (BMI) also offers charter flights from the UK to Barbados on Mondays and Saturdays. These flights are also offered on Wednesdays during the busy winter tourist season.

Vacation in Barbados

Charter Flights From Canada To Barbados

Sunquest Vacations offers charter flights to the Caribbean from numerous major Canadain cities.

Sunquest Vacations has been around for 35 years now offering some of the best vacation packages to Barbados.

Most flights through Sunquest Vacations are with Skyservice or CanJet Airlines.

Vacation in Barbados

Charter Flights From U.S To Barbados

TNT Vacations offers all inclusive packages on charter flights from the U.S to Barbados.

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