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The Country Club Barbados Golf Course
"A Caribbean Golfer's Dream Course"

Country Club Barbados Golf Course

The Country Club Barbados golf course is one of three golf courses available at the luxurious, world-renowned Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados. This slice of luxury is located in the parish of St. James on the western coast of island, just southeast of the town of Holetown, in an up-scale area known as Sandy Lane Barbados.

The entire hotel underwent refurbishment in 2008, making it an even more opulent accommodation to vacation in Barbados and to play golf on the 3 Barbados golf courses they offer.

The Country Club Barbados golf course is best described as a Caribbean golfer's paradise.

Country Club Sandy Lane Golf Course BarbadosIt was designed by the world-renowned golf course architect Tom Fazio and was opened in 2001.

In 2006, The Country Club was the golf course used for the 2006 World Cup of Golf, proving why it is considered one of the best golf courses in the world.

This Championship golf course has 18 challenging holes, covers 7,060 yards and is a Par 74.7 golf course.

Golfers will note that the golf course offers spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea at most of its 18 holes, as well as being surrounded by lush greens and encompassing 5 stunning lakes.

The Country Club Barbados golf course makes use of large, open fairways and is made up of five Par 3s, five Par 5s and eight Par 4s.

If you wish to practice before heading on to the golf course there is even a driving range located at The Country Club Barbados golf course. This driving range has 450 yards of space for golfers to take the challenge of trying to tee off from two-sided tees into the oncoming trade winds.

Here is an overview of the 18 holes at this Championship Barbados golf course:

Golf Hole FlagHole No. Par Reality Respect Humility Hope Ability
Golf Hole FlagHole #1 4 287 322 337 368 395
Golf Hole FlagHole #2 4 256 284 298 340 373
Golf Hole FlagHole #3 4 257 293 316 333 353
Golf Hole FlagHole #4 3 80 91 108 126 153
Golf Hole FlagHole #5 4 224 321 340 360 378
Golf Hole FlagHole #6 5 395 425 498 511 521
Golf Hole FlagHole #7 4 378 423 459 479 500
Golf Hole FlagHole #8 3 121 130 144 162 202
Golf Hole FlagHole #9 5 488 515 530 555 578
OUT 36 2486 2804 3030 3234 3453
Golf Hole FlagHole #10 4 369 408 436 444 472
Golf Hole FlagHole #11 3 95 122 152 183 239
Golf Hole FlagHole #12 4 348 382 414 429 481
Golf Hole FlagHole #13 4 326 336 396 411 453
Golf Hole FlagHole #14 5 435 468 493 543 584
Golf Hole FlagHole #15 5 436 461 476 509 529
Golf Hole FlagHole #16 3 97 126 135 169 174
Golf Hole FlagHole #17 5 392 413 425 450 480
Golf Hole FlagHole #18 3 105 141 150 170 195
IN 36 2603 2857 3077 3308 3607
Total 72 5089 5661 6107 6542 7060
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The Clubhouse and Golf Facilities

Country Club Barbados Golf Course ClubhouseAfter playing a challenging round on this golf course, you can retire to the Clubhouse which provides stunning views of both The Country Club Barbados Golf Course and the Green Monkey Barbados Golf Course.

This Clubhouse covers a staggering 55,000 square feet and includes many amenities.

Here you will find the Clubhouse Restaurant which also has a bar, and the Galleria where you can buy exclusive, original watches or jewellery.

Also at The Clubhouse are very spacious locker rooms with private lounges, as well as The Pro Shop offering a range of golf items, including golf accessories, clothing and equipment.

Golfers can purchase well-known brands here as well as golf items adorned with the Sandy Lane logo.



Golf Rates and Tee Times

Of the 3 golf courses available at The Sandy Lane Hotel, the only course that is reserved for member's only is The Green Monkey Golf Course. This means that residents, non-residents and non-hotel guests can enjoy playing a round on The Country Club Barbados Golf Course.

There are different set rates for playing at this golf course, depending on the time of year (high season vs low season) and whether you are an individual or group (a group is considered to consist of 20 players or more).

Sandy Lane Hotel's high season currently runs from Novemeber 1st 2009 to April 30th 2010. While their low season runs from May 1st 2010 to October 31st 2010.

Golf Rates For Hotel Guests

The green fees are reduced if you are a guest of The Sandy Lane Hotel, with an individual rate of $200 USD during the high season and $170 USD during the low season.

For groups of 20 or more golfers the rate is set at $180 USD and $150 USD respectively.

Country Club Golf Course in BarbadosIndividuals can also opt to golf at twilight for a reduced rate of $180 USD or $140 USD respectively. Twilight starts at 2:30 pm in the Winter and 3:00 pm in the Summer.

To take on only 9 of The Country Club's 18 holes during the high season the rates are $130 USD. For the low season the rate drops to $100 USD.

If you intend to play golf throughout your stay with the Sandy Lane Hotel it is a great idea to purchase a golf pass.

There are 3 golf passes to choose from. These are the 7-day, 14-day or 21 day golf pass priced at $1200 USD, $2000 USD and $3150 USD respectively for high season. For the low season these passes will cost you $950 USD, $1600 USD and $2550 USD.

Golf Rates For Non-Hotel Guests

If you aren't staying at The Sandy Lane Hotel during your Barbados vacation, you can still play at this Barbados golf course for slightly higher green fees.

The individual rate for 18 holes is either $235 USD during the high season or $190 USD during the low season. Groups will pay either $200 USD or $175 USD.

These rates are reduced for 18 holes at twilight, to $195 USD or $145 USD respectively, for individuals. Group rates are not available for twilight.

For 9 holes individuals will either pay $150 USD or $110 USD.

7-day, 14-day and 21-day golf passes are also available to non-hotel guests at a rate of $1300 USD, $2400 USD and $3500 USD respectively during the high season, and $1300 USD, $1900 USD and $2700 USD during the low season.

The golf rates at The Country Club Barbados golf course include the use of a shared golf cart and it is mandatory to have a caddie (minimum one per cart) on this course.

The recommended cost for a caddie is $40 and although it is not necessary, many golfers also give them a tip. Also available are rental of golf shoes, soft spikes and clubs if needed.

For this particular Barbados golf course the first tee off time starts at 7:00 am and the last starts at 4:30 pm.



A Map of The Country Club Barbados Golf Course

This map provides you with a satelitte aerial view of this Barbados golf course so that you can view the layout of its 18 holes. In order to use the map simply press the + to zoom into street level and the – to zoom out or move around the map by dragging it with the hand.




The Country Club Barbados Golf Course Quick Facts

• Location: Sandy Lane, St.James along the Platinum West Coast of the island.

• No. of Yards: 7,060 yards

• No. of Golf Holes: 18

• Par: 74.7

• Access: Open to the public.

• Green Fee: 9 holes: From $100 to $150 USD / 18 holes: From $140 to $235 USD

• First Golf Tee Times: 7:00 am

• Last Golf Tee Times: 4:30 pm

• Golf Club Rental: $65 USD

• Golf Shoe Rental: $20 USD

• Golf Spikes: Soft spikes compulsory ($15 USD soft spike change)

• Golf Caddie: Must have at least 1 caddie per cart.

• Junior Discount: 50% off rates for golfers under 18 years of age.

• Official Website:

• Email:

• Telephone: (246) 444-2500

• Fax: (246) 444-2520

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