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Digicel Barbados
"Affordable, Innovation Mobile Communications"

Digicel Barbados is the Barbadian unit of the leading mobile phone telecommunication provider in the Caribbean, Digicel.

Digicel BarbadosThis company can boast over 8 million customers in this area of the world alone and the figures are only set to rise. It has managed to provide network coverage to an impressive 95% on the island of Barbados alone.

The company has several mobile phone services on offer for residential and business customers. Those interested in purchasing modern and up-to-date Digicel Barbados phones can do so to compliment their service and can do so via recognised dealers all over the island. These include Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and HTC.

Indeed, at the tail end of 2009 the company launched a new megastore at their Broad Street branch, which doubled as an innovative Blackberry Centre. This means that Blackberry owners have the opportunity to speak to Blackberry experts face-to-face to get answers to queries on these popular smartphones.

Digicel in Barbados offers two main price plans to suit mobile phone users: namely Digicel Select and Digicel Flex.

These price plans allow mobile to mobile calls which are free after 3 minutes as well as very reasonable rates to fixed landlines and international destinations. There are also options to have services such as caller ID, caller waiting, call barring and voicemail.

The Digicel Flex option is a prepaid service meaning that there are no monthly bills and the phone can be topped up with a Flexcard. This top-up service is available at various outlets in Barbados as well as online.

Digicel Select is a package which is billed monthly and offers more services including DigiTEXT, call hold, minute bundles and call barring.

Both of these options allow for roaming with your mobile handset, the addition of up to 4 friends & family numbers to receive a discount, as well as the opportunity to access e-mails, sent texts and surf the internet.

As well as these services, Digicel customers can download a range of pictures, tones and wallpapers for their handsets.

Digicel INFO is also available by sending a text to the company. This facility allows you to access information in several categories such as sport scores, regional or International news stories, stock market information and the local weather forecast.

Finally, Digicel Live is allows customers to play games on their handset, send picture messages and send personalised greetings to friends or family.

For more information on this Barbados mobile phone provider feel free to visit the Digicel Barbados website at

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