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Entry Requirements for Barbados
"What travel documents do I need for my Barbados vacation?"

You must know the entry requirements for Barbados with regards to your country of citizenship before booking your flight.

Barbados Entry Requirements

Vacation in Barbados

Airport security around The Caribbean has greatly increased since 2001.

A valid passport and a valid return ticket are now mandatory for all visitors to Barbados.

This is regardless of nationality and therefore includes Americans and Canadians.

Barbados visas are also required for travelers from certain countries and are outlined by the Barbados visa requirements . You should check the list of countries to determine if you need a visa for Barbados .

All arriving visitors are required to supply Barbados immigration with the full address of where they will be staying to be allowed entry into the island.

This is a very important fact which many visitors are not aware of.

Barbados Entry Requiremetns for Cruise Ship Passengers

Vacation in Barbados

Cruise ship passengers who are in transit and stay in Barbados for less than 24 hours are not required to have a valid passport.

If you are planning on taking a cruise which departs from Barbados and returns to Barbados you are required to have a valid passport.

If you are a cruise ship passenger in transit to take a flight from Barbados then you are also required to have a valid passport.

Passengers aboard a Barbados caribbean cruise require tourist Barbados visas if they are citizens of:

• The Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S)

• The Eastern European Countries

• The People’s Republic of China

• Taiwan

• South Africa

• Korea

as outlined in the Barbados visa requirements .

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