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Fishing in Barbados
"Do You Want To Catch A Barracuda Or Blue Marlin?"

If you are a fishing enthusiast and want to enjoy fishing in Barbados, you are in for a treat on the beautiful island of Barbados.

Fishing in BarbadosThe nation of Barbados is surrounded by beautiful blue seas which are absolutely teeming with the most colourful species of tropical fish that you are likely to find anywhere.

The Barbados fishing industry, in general, has always been of vital importance to this island nation and this is as a consequence of the fact that Barbados is surrounded by waters full of interesting fish that you definitely won’t find at home.

When staying on the island it will not take you too long to gain some appreciation of just how serious this industry is to all Barbadians. The fishermen return in their brightly-coloured boats to the ports of Oistins, Tent Bay and Martin’s Bay, after a long, but usually rewarding, day at sea.

In fact, this industry is known to have been of importance to the inhabitants of Barbados since as far back as when Arawak Indians were in residence. Over the centuries, fishing in Barbados has proven to be a vital economic earner and as many popular Bajan dishes include fish in some way or other, you can see why.

Barbados Fishing Charters For Visiting Fishing Enthusiasts

The opportunities for fishing around the waters of Barbados are huge and you can either decide to sort out the necessary arrangements yourself, or better yet, rely on one of many Barbados fishing companies which will take care of every last detail for you.

Mahi Mahi Dorado DolphinAs you are on a holiday, this really is an option that you should seriously consider. This is because the highly organised fishing charter companies will often pick you up from your hotel and drop you back at the end of the day.

Barbados sea fishing charter companies offer a full day or half day trip and they can even include all of your bait, tackle and drinks throughout the excursion.

For added reassurance, these professional crews are usually led by a Captain and your health and safety will always be their primary concern. Safety wise and for what these Barbados charter trips will cost, these fishing in Barbados excursions make complete sense all round.

The more popular catches here include..

Atlantic Blue and White Marlin
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi or Dorado)
Yellow Fin Tuna
Atlantic Sailfish

The Barbados Game Fishing Association

Barbados Game Fishing AssociationThe introduction of The Barbados Game Fishing Association has realised something of a transformation over the past 48 years and all-in-all, there is a very positive attitude towards this premier organisation.

The Barbados Game Fishing Association prides itself on being one of the best such organisations within the Eastern Caribbean region and many other nearby islands have elected to follow the same example for their own fishing industries.

The objectives of the Barbados Game Fishing Association are about maintaining a healthy and environmentally-friendly balance between promoting the opportunities for rod and line fishing across the island, yet ensuring that there are sustainable stocks of fish for future generations to enjoy also.

They also work hard to organise tournaments and events throughout the year and they welcome new members to join their Association from any walk of life.

The season for fishing in Barbados usually runs from January to April each year and this coincides with the period when you are most likely to find the greatest supplies of the species of fish mentioned above.

Not many people actually sit back and consider Barbados to be such an ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts and this is a definite shame.

When you start to contemplate how organised the industry is here and the fact that it has been successfully overseen by the highly acclaimed Barbados Game Fishing Association for a number of decades, you soon start to think that these types of holidays could make this island famous and popular alone.

It’s very simple really, if you love fishing you have to arrange at least one trip while you’re vacationing in a part of the world that presents you with so many golden opportunities.

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