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Harrison’s Cave in Barbados
"Unearth The Adventure"

Harrison's Cave In Barbados

Harrison’s Cave in Barbados is our most impressive limestone cave located in the central uplands of the island.

In the 1970s this cave was explored by a Danish speleologist known as Ole Sorensen and finally opened to the public as an attraction in 1981. Harrison's Cave Barbados

Harrisons Cave in Barbados has now become one of the most popular Barbados tourist attractions.

An underground tour through this 2.3 kilometre long cave displays numerous caverns, calcite formations,lakes and waterfalls.

Visitors board one of the cave’s electric trams equipped with tour guides pinpointing the various splendours the cave has to offer.

Throughout the duration of the tour you are given plenty of opportunities to get out of the tram and take photographs of the cave; with a major highlight being the viewing of the Great Hall, a 50 foot high cavern, as well as a spectacular 40 foot waterfall.

Harrison’s Cave Barbados is open to the public with the first tour starting at 8:45 am and the last at 3:45 pm.


Harrison's Cave in Barbados Quick Facts:

Tour Highlights:

• A 50 foot high cavern known as The Great Hall

Harrisons Cave Barbados • A 40 foot waterfall

• Stalactite and Stalagmite formations

• Calcite pillars

• Numerous underground lakes and rivers

Location: St.Thomas (central uplands)

Distance From Holetown: 20 minutes driving

Distance From Oistins: 30 minutes driving

First Tour: 8:45 am

Last Tour: 3:45 pm

Vistors - $30 USD ($60 BBD) per Adult & $15 USD ($30 BBD) per Child Under 12 Years
Barbadian Residents and Nationals with Identification - $25 USD ($50 BBD) per Adult & $12.75 USD ($25 BBD) per Child Under 12 Years

Official Website:

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