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"Free Hikes and Paid Scenic Tourist Hikes!"

Hike BarbadosIf you are looking forward to hiking in Barbados, Hike Barbados offers visitors to the island, as well as locals, a wide range of scenic Barbados hikes.

Other than being very educational while allowing you to see our island from a very unique and natural point of view, these hikes allow you to get some great exercise!

Hike Barbados was first started in the early 1980's and is currently supported by the Barbados National Trust (BNT). The BNT's mission is to preserve the historical and natural beauty of the island.


Free Sunday Barbados Hikes

On Sunday's you can enjoy one of the free guided hikes on offer by Hike Barbados. These are the Morning Hikes, Afternoon Hikes and Moonlight Hikes. These hikes take place in a different area of the island each week and are lots of fun!

The Sunday Morning Hikes

The Morning Hikes with Hike Barbados start bright and early at 6:00am and take 3 hours to complete. When taking part in these hikes you will choose at what pace you wish to go at as there are 4 levels of difficulty for you choose from each taking a specific route.

These are the Stop N' Stare Group, 5 to 6 miles in length and ideal for the casual and strollers, the Here 'n There Group, 8 to 10 miles in length and ideal for the average to experienced hiker, and the Grin 'n Bear Group is for the experienced but fast pace hikers with a total distance of 12 to 14 miles.

The Sunday Afternoon Hikes

The Sunday Afternoon Hikes with Hike Barbados begin at 3:00pm and are essentially identical to the morning hikes but are only for the the Stop n' Stare route.

The Sunday Moonlight Hikes

The Moonlight Hike takes place in the evening, approximately an hour before sunset, at 5:30pm and lead into the early night, finishing at 8:30pm. You will need to bring a flashlight with you on these hikes.

It is recommended that you bring water with you to all of these hikes and a light snack. You will also need to find your own transportation to and from the starting locations of the hikes and must arrive on time in order not to miss the hike.


Paid & Personalized Scenic Barbados Tourist Hikes

You can also choose from 4 different types of paid scenic tourists hikes during your Barbados vacation. These hikes in Barbados are organized by Stephen Mendes and compliment the BNT Hike Barbados Sunday Hikes.

Stephen is a volunteer hike leader with the Barbados National Trust and has 3 years of hiking experience with Hike Barbados. Hikes with Stephen can be arrange on any day of the week and include transportaion from and to your hotel. He will wait for you if you are not on time and even stops during your hike when every you wish to take photos!

The hikes on offer are 3 mile, 6 mile, 8 mile and 10 mile hikes for varying skill levels.

3-Mile Scenic Tourist Hikes - Short Hikes

Hike Barbados 3 mile HikeThe 3 mile scenic tourist hikes are the shortest of the Barbados hikes you can enjoy with Stephen at Hike Barbados.

These introductory hikes take 3 1/2 to 4 hours in total time and include 2 hours of hiking, 1 hour of transportation and 1/2 hour for taking photos, rest stops and water breaks.

They are ideal for those who wish to avoid climbing hills, are not accustomed to hiking, want a shorter hike and wish a lower priced hike.

During these hikes you will explore the eastern parish of St.John, first visiting the island's largest waterfall. You will then get to tour the rural community of Welchman, hike through the jungle to Pot House spring and meet a Rastafarian brethern who lives in harmony with nature!

To end off these hikes you will descend the coast in Congor Bay and follow the coastline to Bath Beach.


6-Mile or 8-Mile Scenic Tourist Hikes - Medium Hikes

Hike Barbados 6 Mile HikeThe medium scenic tourist hikes offered by Stephen at Hike Barbados are their most popular hikes with the option of 6 or 8 miles.

The Barbados hikes are a perfect way for you to view the "Best of Barbados" in a single hike and only require some previous hiking experience.

The 6-mile Barbados hikes take 4 1/2 to 5 hours in total time and include 3 hours of hiking, 1 hour of transportation and 1/2 hour for taking photos, rest stops and water breaks.

Twice the distance of the short hikes, these Barbados hikes allow you to enjoy both the parish of St.John and St.Joseph. The hikes start off at the Bathsheba Community Centre in Bathsheba, St.Joseph and proceed along the rugged East Coast through Tent Bay.

The hikes then head inland passing through a local farm on the edge of the jungle before proceeding through the jungle to the giant macaw palm, sandbox and almond trees.

Next you will head up Hackleton's Cliff by way of the Monkey-Jump Crevice and take a break at the cliff top for a chance to take some ever-lasting photo memories.

9 Mile Barbados HikesOnce the break is over you will proceed through a rural village and farmlands to The Vault where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the island's coast line.

To end of these hikes you will descend through the jungle where you will see dwellings of the bushmen and back to your starting point the Bathsheba Community Centre.

If you are an experience hiker looking for a slightly longer hike there is the option of an extended 8 mile medium hike.

These hikes are designed for those who do not want to stop for photos or rest breaks and just want to see more of the island. But do not worry if you aren't sure if you wish to go the extra distance before hand, as you can decide between the 6 or 8 mile while on the hike.

10-Mile Scenic Tourist Hikes - Endurance Hikes

Hike Barbados 10 Mile HikeThe most challenging of all, the 10 mile endurance hikes offered by Stephen at Hike Barbados, are for hikers who can handle hiking for an extended period of time in the tropical heat, want a great workout and are also interested in geology and rock strata!

These Barbados hikes are 5 1/2 to 6 hours in length and are comprised of 4 hours of hiking, 1 hour of transportation and 1/2 hour for photos, rest stops and water breaks.

Centered around the more north-eastern parish of St.Andrew, you will begin your journey at Barclays Park along the island's east coast road. You will then pass through Benab and climb Chalky Mount.

10 Mile Barbados HikesAtop the mountain you will hike through the small village of 'The Potteries of Chalky Mount' before descending to the valley below to cross Bruce Vale River.

After a visit to Haggatts Agricultural Station you will climb the ridge passing through Mount All and White Hill.

Hikers will then descend through the bush to Boarded Hall and then up Spa Hill (Melvin Hill), followed by a descent by way of Parks Road to climb over Bissex Hill.

These hikes finally come to an end with a descent through the village of Cambridge and back to the start at Barclays Park!


Book A Barbados Hike With Stephen at Hike Barbados

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