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Unique Jobs in Barbados
"Island Occupations"

During a trip to Barbados, you will meet lots of locals hard at work at their jobs in Barbados. 

You will almost certainly come across airport workers such as check-in staff and security guards, hotel receptionists and housekeeping staff, waitress and bar tenders as well as shopkeepers, taxi drivers and tour guides. 

However there are a number of Barbados jobs that are unique to this island that you will see locals taking part in.  To learn more about one of these jobs in Barbados choose it from the list below:

Coconut Man

Vacation in Barbados

Coconut Vendor
This Barbados job is the one that most visitors love..The Coconut Man!

Coconut trees grow all over this island and coconuts are harvested for their water, jelly and meat inside. The Bajan coconut man climbs these trees to pick coconuts and then sells them. 

This job in Barbados has some risks as climbing the trees can be somewhat dangerous. Coconut trees can be extremely tall and it is easy to fall or slip unless you know what you are doing.  The rough bark of the tree can also cause injury.  

I therefore do not recommend you try climbing a coconut tree on the island, as this could bring an abrupt end to your lovely Barbados vacation! : ). 

Once picked, the Barbados coconut man will then load the coconuts onto his cart or into the back of his van ready to sell. He uses a machete and a special technique to open up the coconuts so that the delicious coconut water can be drunk. He will then open the coconut up some more so you can eat the jelly and meat inside.  

You will find the coconut man on street corners or on the beaches where he will sell you a delicious, healthy coconut for around $2 BBD ($1 USD / £0.66 GBP). 

Street Vendors 

Vacation in Barbados

Street Vendor at St Johns Church BarbadosOf the many jobs in Barbados this is another very unique one which you will definitely see during your stay.

Street vendors in Barbados can be male or female. They sell all sorts of things including souvenirs and Bajan food specialities such as fishcakes, rotis, macaroni pie and grilled fish. This is a great way to try out local Bajan specialities without breaking the bank. 

You can find many of these street vendors in St Lawrence Gap and in the capital city of Bridgetown.  If you are visiting Bridgetown you should definitely walk along Swan Street, where you will find Barbados street vendors in wooden shops and stalls selling jewellery, clothes and footwear. 

Many fruits are also grown and sold on the island of Barbados including mangoes and coconuts. This delicious fresh produce can be found for sale at roadside carts and beachside stalls by fruit street vendors.

There is a vibrant and varied community of artists and craftspeople on the island. You will find potters, painters, sculptors and fashion designers amongst others. Buying locally crafted products is a great way to take home a lasting memento of the lifestyle, culture and heritage of this island and a great end to your Barbados vacation.  You can buy a variety of locally made items including handmade wooden carvings, woven baskets, clothes, shoes and bags from these crafts street vendors

Bajan local artists use many different mediums to create their work including clay, wood, leather, glass, cloth and shells. Arts street vendors in Barbados sell these local art creations including conch shells, local paintings and handmade jewellery.


Vacation in Barbados

Fishermen Jobs in BarbadosFish have been a source of income for the people of Barbados for many years with the fishing industry providing jobs in Barbados for thousands of people on the island. 

Most fishermen are self-employed.  Some of them use small motorised vessels called Day-Boats for short fishing trips. However, there are a few larger fishing trawlers or Ice-Boats which are capable of staying at sea for several days. 

After the fishermen have come back to shore with their catch for the day, the fish is sold to fish vendors and consumers at the various fish markets throughout the island.  One of the busiest fish markets in Barbados is located in the town of Oistins where you can watch the high speed fish filleters! The fish usually goes on sale during the late afternoon or early evening after the fishermen return. 

Apart from Oistins, the main fishing villages are Skeete's Bay, Consett Bay, Payne's Bay, Martins Bay, Speightstown, Six Men's, Weston and Tent Bay. 

The most common fish in these waters that the Bajan Fishermen catch is the Flying Fish and are fished between the months of December and June. The best place to enjoy their catch during your trip to the island is at the Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night.

Rum Shop Owner

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Job Rum Shop OwnerOf all the jobs in Barbados this is one most of us would love to have!  

A Bajan rum shop is a small bar built of wood that are are often attached to house of the owner. There are about 1500 on the island and there is at least one in each village.  It is said that there are as many rumshops on the island as churches!

Although a number of rum shops are owned and operated by women, Barbados rum shops are fairly male-dominated with most local women spending their social time at church or with family. 

Rum shops exist as a place for drinking, socialising, loud discussion, debate over cricket and politics, as well as for playing dominoes and eating.

Snow Cone Man

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Snow Cone Man
This is one of the most unique jobs in Barbados.  The Bajan snow cone man will sell his refreshing wares from his cart to be found on street corners, at festivals, at the horse racing track or at the beach.

You will know when the snow cone man is coming since you will hear his tooting horn or the ringing bell of his cart.

For those of you who don't know, a snow cone is what you would call a "slush puppy" in the UK, a cup of ice flavoured with a brightly coloured syrup. It is also very common to add condensed milk for that extra bit of sweet!  A snow cone will usually cost you around $2 BBD ($1 USD / £0.66 GBP).

On a hot day, of which there are many in Barbados, there can be nothing more refreshing than a snow cone. So keep your eyes open for the snow cone man!

Watersports Operators

Vacation in Barbados

Watersports Operator Jobs in BarbadosMany visitors come to Barbados to enjoy watersports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, parasailing, jetskiing, and kayaking. 

There are numerous companies and individuals found at the hotels or on the beaches who will hire equipment for snorkelling and the like. 

Some of these guys will teach you watersports while others will take you out on organised boat trips. 

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