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Just Grillin Barbados
"The Best Open Air Grill and Bar in Barbados"

Just Grillin Barbados

Just Grillin Barbados is located at the Quayside Centre Boardwalk along the south coast of the island, directly across the street from the beautiful Accra Beach and Accra Beach hotel.

This location is perfect!


Beacause after relaxing in the sun on Accra Beach you can just cross the street for lunch. And the only way I can describe the food is amazing!

I’ve been eating there since it opened and it has yet to disappoint me.

The grill is situated in a wooden hut in the centre of Quayside Centre Shopping Plaza.

The grill is open air so you can watch as the chefs grill your meal. The bar is also a small wooden hut just a few steps away. The bartender here will prepare your drinks for you while you wait.

There are some nice wooden benches on either side of the grill where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

I recommend the Grilled Catch of The Day Platter. This gives you a choice of grilled fish, which may be Mahi Mahi, Marlin or Flying Fish to name a few, as well as your choice of two sides. My favourites are the ceasar salad and grilled potatoes.

This platter will cost you roughly $14 USD. That’s a great price as the serving sizes are large and the grilled fish is fantastic! The jerk chicken is also great and cost just $12 USD.

This Barbados restaurant also offers a variety of other meals including grilled steak and barbequed chicken for those of you who don’t fancy fish.

Once you have finished your meal there is a nice small coffee hut called Italia D'Ora right next to the girll (on the opposite side of the grill than the bar).

Even if you aren’t staying on the south coast of the island you should still include a stop at Just Grillin in your Barbados vacation .

Just Grillin Menu:

Vacation in Barbados

Just Grillin Barbados Menu

These prices are listed in Barbados dollars.

Interactive Map of Just Grillin and The Surrounding Area:

Vacation in Barbados

Just Grillin Barbados Quick Facts:

Vacation in Barbados

Location: Quayside Center Boardwalk, Christ Church (opposite Accra Beach and Accra Beach Hotel)

Coast: South Coast

Style of Food: Bajan Cuisine

Hours: Open seven days a week.
Monday – Saturday 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Distance From St.Lawrence Gap: 5 minutes driving

Nearest Highway: Along Highway 7 on the South Coast of the island

Telephone: (246) 435-6469

Official Website:

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