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Local News In Barbados
"Where Can I Find The Latest Barbados News?"

The best way to find local news in Barbados is either through the Barbados newspapers, the local radio stations or the local television station.

Barbados Newspapers

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Barbados newspapers are sold at most supermarkets and gas stations island wide. There are two major local Barbados newspapers, The Barbados Nation newspaper and The Barbados Advocate newspaper . Many hotels also supply visitors with a free newspaper daily.

Both of these Barbados newspapers have online websites where you can find daily up-to-date news in Barbados at any time.

Barbados Radio Stations

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The Barbados radio stations are also a great way to listen to local news in Barbados. There are over 10 Barbados radio stations which you can tune into while on the island.

Barbados Television Stations

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There is one local Barbados tv station, the Caribbean Broadcast Corporation, which airs Barbados news. If your hotel room has a television, you can tune into the evening news at 7:00pm every night.

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