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Our Barbados Vacation

by Sashi Kumar
(Richmond, BC ,Canada)

Sand, Sandals and Banks Beer!

Sand, Sandals and Banks Beer!

This year for our vacation we went to the beautiful island of Barbados. Quissy had visited Barbados in her single days :) and wanted me to have an experience of the beautiful people, the incredible scenery, beaches and fine culinary.

So off went on our journey to the beautiful island of Barbados. From the moment we arrived at the Coconut Court, our home for two weeks, we found the hospitality amazing and the view of beach from the room was incredible. We were so amazed with the beautiful turquoise waters and sandy beach.

The island food was incredible. We ate at many different places including where we stayed. Our meals were of many different varieties and very delicious.

We feasted on flying fish which is one of the staple delicacies of the islands. Other yummy food was dhal puri roti’s with nice goat, duck and vegetable curries at a very quaint place called the Roti Den. We also ate tapas food, plantains, rice and peas; jerk chicken, lamb curries, baked macaroni pies.

We had a beautiful lobster dinner at the fish fry place called the Oistins. The lobsters we ate there was amazing and mouth-watering. It was cooked by her truly the amazing Veronica of Shirley’s.

Other highlights of the vacation were the cliffs and flower caves on the north point. The Island tour with Ted the funny man and a person with an incredible knowledge of the island. We also met some very beautiful people and made some friends while on the tour and at the hotel

We really enjoyed the beach at The Crane Hotel; the views were amazing and spectacular. We also enjoyed our daily walks on the board walk to Rockley beach.

Carlisle Bay was amazing in itself and seeing turtles swimming so close to shore made our day. Words couldn’t describe the moment.

We couldn’t say anymore but a big thank you to all the staff and the incredible hospitality of the Coconut Court hotel and to the beautiful people of Barbados that made our trip so special.

Thank you..Hope to see you again!

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