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Pictures of Barbados
"A Visual Tour of Tropical Paradise"

Come see some pictures of Barbados at the Smiley Bajan Boy’s Barbados Photo Gallery!

Here you can find a variety of Barbados pictures including beautiful photos of Barbados beaches.

Take your time and enjoy because when you are done you will wish you were here!

I have categorized the photos so that you can easily find what interest you.

So which Barbados photos do you want to see first???.......I’d start with the beaches if I were you : )

Photos of Beaches in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Pictures of Barbados Beaches
Flip through these Barbados Beach pictures and see if you can find photos of the beach that’s near your Barbados hotel.

Check out these Barbados beaches photos

Pictures of The Island’s Landscape

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Island Pictures
A collection of pictures of the island’s tropical landscape…

Check out these Barbados island photos

Pictures Of Bathsheba In Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Photos Bathsheba
The east coast of Barbados is very different from the rest of the island..Here’s a taste of what you might see while visiting Bathsheba.

Check out these photos of the city of Bathsheba Barbados

Sites and Scenes in The Island’s Capital

Vacation in Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados Images
A few pictures showcasing the sites and scenes of the island’s capital including Heroes Square and the Parliament Building.

Check out these pictures of Bridgetown Barbados

Pictures of Rum Shops in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Rum Shop Photos
Want a rum? Maybe a Banks Beer?… Come on! You know you do!

Check out these Barbados rum shops photos

Photos Of The Pride Of Barbados Flower

Vacation in Barbados

Pride of Barbados Pictures
The National Flower of Barbados.

Check out these pride of Barbados Pictures

Photos of Barbados Jockeys and Horse Racing in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Jockey Pics
Thoroughbreed horse racing at the Garrison Savannah in Barbados.

Check out these Barbados jockey pictures

Pictures of Barbados Money

Vacation in Barbados

Photos of Barbados Money
I put together this collection of pictures of money from Barbados so that you will know what types of bills and coins we have here before you arrive.

Check out these Barbados currency pictures

Pictures Of The Barbados Flag

Vacation in Barbados

Pictures of The Barbados National Flag
The Barbados flag flying in the sky of the most beautiful Caribbean island!

Check out these photos of the Barbados flag


Barbados Photo Gallery - This is a great website with more photos of the island including beaches, sunsets, flowers and much more. -

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