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Pictures of Bathsheba in Barbados
"The Scenic East Coast!"

These pictures of Bathsheba in Barbados will show you how beautiful the landscape of the east coast of the island really is.

Bathsheba Barbados is located in the parish of St.Joseph. This region of the island is very rugged with many large rock formations.

This makes the city of Bathsheba home to much of the island’s scenic landscape, as well as the best surfing the island has to offer.

Below are some photos of Bathsheba in Barbados…

Aerial Shot Bathsheba Barbados

Photo: An aerial view of Bathsheba and the east coast of Barbados

Bathsheba Barbados Picture

Photo: Bathsheba in Barbados looking north along the east coast of the island

Photo of The City of Bathsheba Barbados

Photo: A pic of Bathsheba from a hill top

Barbados Tourist Bathsheba

Photo: A photo of Bathsheba looking south along the east coast

Bathsheba in Barbados

Photo: A photo of a rock formation and palm trees in Bathsheba Barbados

Photos of Bathsheba in Barbados

Photo: A photo of the beach at Parlour

Barbados Bathsheba Pics

Photo: A close up of a rock formation in Bathsheba in Barbados

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