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Rockley Barbados Golf Course
"The Island's Oldest Golf and Country Club"

Rockley Barbados Golf Course

The Rockley Barbados Golf Course and Country Club is set on almost 70 acres of land in the parish of Christ Church, in the southern region of Barbados.

This golf course in Barbados can boast being the oldest on the island and is ideally located in Rockley area. This places the course very near to the beautiful Rockley Beach (Accra Beach) as well as a number of hotels and villa rentals along the island's more affordable south coast.

Not deemed to be as challenging as some of the other prestigious Barbados golf courses, The Rockley Golf and Country Club is still worth a visit for a relaxed round of golf, making it perfect for those who play the game in a casual manner.


The Golf Holes

The Rockley Barbados Golf Course is a 9 hole Parkland golf course that has the option of playing alternative tees for a back 9 (making it a round of 18 holes).

Rockley Golf Club BarbadosThe course runs for 5,610 yards and is a Par 70 Barbados golf course that winds its way in and out of residential villas and apartments, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The Rockley Golf Course may not be as long or as difficult as some of the others but still requires players to decide whether they wish to play conservatively or to take calculated risks.

Players often comment that the course is very tight with some narrow fairways and steeply sloping greens with well defended bunkers.

The 1st hole seems overly easy which is designed to lull you into a false sense of security, while the 5th hole is said to be the toughest. There are also some long Par 3s placed in strategic locations to make players think a little bit about every shot that they make.

Players can make use of the practice driving area before starting their round so that they are prepared for some of the challenges that lay ahead!


The Clubhouse and Golf Facilities

Rockley Barbados Golf and Country Club ClubhouseAt the Rockley Golf and Country Club you will find a Clubhouse with a restaurant and bar.

There is also a great, well-equipped Pro Golf Shop which sells a variety of accessories and golfing equipment and branded golf clothing at duty free prices.

It is also possible to purchase some souvenirs to take back home with you.



Golf Rates And Tee Times

Unlike some of the other great golf courses that can be found on the island, The Rockley Golf Course is open to the public and does not require you to be a member (although you can join as a member if you wish).

The rates and green fees for playing 9 holes or 18 holes are $95BBD (approx. $47USD) and $115BBD (approx. $57USD) respectively for non members. The rates for playing with someone who is already a member of the golf club are $75BBD (approx. $37USD) and $95BBD (approx. $47USD).

Players can opt to join as a member for anything from a week up to a year.

The rate for a weekly membership is $340BBD (approx. $170USD) for a single golfer and $550BBD (approx. $275USD) for a family including 2 adults. For an annual membership the rates are $3,400BBD (approx. $1,700USD) and $4,475BBD (approx. $2,237USD) for a single or family annual membership respectively.

Junior memberships are also available and start from $100BBD (approx. $50USD) for a week.

Players can rent golf clubs, pull carts and drive golf carts for playing their rounds at the Rockley Barbados Golf Course. The Rockley Golf Club however does require players to have at least 6 clubs in their bag (having a bag is also compulsory), golf attire must be worn when playing and soft spikes must be used at all times.

It is recommended that you book your tee off time in advance and it is possible to contact the club direct with your preferred tee times.


A Map Of The Rockley Barbados Golf Course

This map provides you with a satelitte aerial view of this Barbados golf course so that you can view the layout of its 9 golf holes.

Rockley Barbados Golf and Country Club Map

Accommodation At The Rockley Golf Course

The Plum Tree Club At The Rockley Barbados Golf CourseThe Rockley Golf and Country Club Golf Course is open to everyone, so those of you considering a Barbados golf vacation here will find several great accommodations at the course, allowing visitors easily to get their golf game on!

These accommodations are known as The Club Rockley Golf Resort and is made up of 7 clusters of rental apartments which the golf course surrounds.

Most notable are The Plum Tree Club and The Rockley Apartments Barbados.

The Plum Tree Club is located in the western corner of this Barbados golf course.

Rockley Apartments Barbados at The Rockley Golf ClubResidents of the club's 40 self-contained apartments can step out directly onto the course from their accommodation and enjoy a round at a discounted rate.

The Rockley Apartments Barbados also offers 3 privately owned apartments at The Club Rockley Golf Resort, with 2 located in the Lemon Arbour cluster and 1 located in the Pleasant Hall cluster.

Choosing to stay at one of these 3 apartments will allow you to play unlimited golf at the Rockley golf course for no extra cost.

Rockley Barbados Golf Course Quick Facts

• Location: Rockley, Christ Church, Barbados

• No. of Yards: 5,610 yards

• No. of Golf Holes: 9 holes with alternate tees for a back 9 holes.

• Par: 70

• Access: Open to the public.

• Green Fee: $75BBD (approx. $37USD) to $115BBD (approx. $57USD)

• Official Website:

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